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Inspired by their sense of artistic expression combined with the glamorous spirit of the beach, Robb & Lulu  shines through as the season’s hottest swimwear line complete with adventure, intrigue, and the jet-setting international style. Robb & Lulu defines sexy, natural and effortless beach chic. Modeliste spoke with this designer duo to find out what makes their line one the hottest to emerge from Australia, another nod to the land down under!  Meet Robb & Lulu!


Robb & lulu_Action Back Halter

Robb & Lulu was born out of a desire to express art in fashion and accompanied with a 20 year love of lycra, sun and fun, swimwear seemed like the ultimate platform for self expression.

Robb & Lulu in three words: Fun, colourful and unconventional. On the surface, you will be bowled over with an extreme pop of colour. Taking a deeper look, you will see attention to detail in both the unique, hand illustrated prints and the innovative design concepts. We believe that to truly feel good, one must be comfortable too! Our pieces are made to serve a practical purpose but also to reflect a point of difference in contrast to the mainstream.

We are luxe but not boho or minimalist chic. We occupy a space where the wearer can define her own sense of style, through colour and print choice, despite social or fashion expectations.


Robb & lulu-Groovy Lucy Bralette

The Name Game.

The name is probably the least creative part of the brand. The eponymous name is simply titled after its founders, Rob and myself. Rob, my husband is an extremely talented designer but was swept up into the family business at a young age, despite fashion as his passion. I created this brand as a means for us to both express ourselves and to do what we truly love doing together.


Robb & Lulu is so much like wearable art, what inspired your latest collection?

We love the sound of ‘Wearable art’.  The latest collection is very much inspired by the need to get back in touch with the art. The signature fabric prints are what set the Robb & Lulu brand aside from the rest of the market.

The whirlwind of life can sometimes take you off your path and before you know it, you can be going in a different direction that you intended, so our ‘Resort’ and ‘High Summer’ collections are a clearly defined shift from our previous season, back to the art. There is very strong focus on unique textile prints, particularly in the placement print kaftans and dresses.

Robb & lulu_80s Cut Out High pant

The Ultimate Robb & Lulu girl.

The Robb and Lulu girl is fun, colourful in both heart and personality and slightly unconventional. She is unconventional in the sense that she doesn’t follow trends in order to feel accepted. She wears what she feels and does as she pleases. She is the type of girl who sets trends by default rather than follows them and lives life with passion.


How do you continually evolve the brand?

The brand continually evolves itself actually. Of course human intervention is required but in more of an intuitive way. It’s hard to explain but when something develops its own sense of identity, like a brand, you’ll find that it’s the energy of the brand itself that is quite transformative. The people behind it direct it but it is the bigger audience that shapes it. The key is to pay attention and keep open mind to these tiny shifts and developments that can lead the way into a whole new phase.


Robb & lulu-Cherry Girl crop

3 must-haves this season from your collection.

The latest must have is our new silhouette called the ‘Action Back Halter’. A wardrobe essential, for any active girl, who dashes from swim to run to coffee without missing a beat. For a fuller cup size, you must have our ‘Full Cup Tri’. Amazing for the ladies who need added support but want to steer away from the nanna styles. To wear over the top, you can’t miss our ‘Silk Friday Dress’! Everyday can feel like a Friday when you wear this gorgeous little silk number.


Robb & lulu-Groovy Lucy Bralette

Are there any rules to fashion you live by?

Absolutely, my fashion rules are always select clothing that makes me feel good and comfortable. If you feel good, you will look good. Nothing worse that feeling awkward from a bad wardrobe pick. I like adding colour somewhere just to brighten up the day. Usually I wear shoes that I can run in (these include high wedges) because my day is so busy and I NEVER leave home without my lipstick, even on a power walk!

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received or given?

My husband Rob would probably be the best fashion advice giver. He recommends to go simple and accessories with fabulous jewellery, shoes and his favourite item … the handbag! He tells me a handbag can make or break your outfit.

Robb & Lulu-Pastel flower 50s-high pant

Style Icon?

Style Icon, I just can’t go past the magnificent Elle Macpherson. She was, is and will always be the quintessential beach goddess. She needs no more than a string bikini, a straw hat and a smile.

Favorite Travel Destination?

I love Miami and have been lucky enough to travel there several times. I absolutely loved Hawaii also for the incredible beaches, lovely people, abundance of nature and relaxed vibe.

If Robb & Lulu  had a Theme Song this very moment, what would it be?

Haha .. ok, “Pour some sugar on me”  by Def Leppard … big hair, high energy, high sex appeal and a dose of fun will do the job. There are many aspects of the brand that have that raw 80s rock vibe.


Robb & luluJungle Jane one-piece

What we can look forward to with Robb & Lulu in 2016. Designs for 2016 – we are expanding our beachwear offering to include fun loving items like playsuits, boyfriend pants and other cool beach fashion accessories. We are preparing for an event in Sydney, Australia currently and we hope to be present at Swim Week Miami once again. I think 2016 is going to be a BIG and busy year.

Why you love Modeliste magazine?

I love Modeliste magazine because it brings my love of fashion, model trends, beauty, travel and art together in once place. I look forward to reading the fresh and inspiring articles and setting new travel aspirations for myself.


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