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Never underestimate the styling power of a single patterned pillow. Our Editors at Modeliste set out in search of the ultimate home decor inspiration and a simple “how to” for bringing a room to life and instantly fell in love with House of Cindy which has since given way to an insatiable and irresistible new obsession with pillows.  House of Cindy, founded by Cindy Ciskowski, was created out of a passion for her local community, focusing on producing handmade, comfortable timeless décor. Cindy founded House of Cindy in 2013 to focus on the joy of home, a place where the soul can flourish and come to life and find its unique forms of expression and has taken this passion to the next level with her chic, customized, highly sought after designs.

Renowned for their globally-sourced fabrics, soft textiles and unique, stylish patterns, House of Cindy has curated an expansive collection of pillows, throws and additional decor must-haves to bring refined elegance, texture and comfort to your home.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the brand?

We are inspired to create an eco-friendly home décor brand. We partner with mother nature whenever possible, through the natural fiber textiles we design with, breathing life into coveted heirloom textiles. We design sustainably, eco-friendly cruelty-free home décor brand products that naturally generate well-being, so you feel happier at home.

What makes your products so unique?

Our products are custom made in our Los Angeles design studio. We hand cut the beauty into our pillows and soft goods, infusing them with heart. You feel your soul come alive and the difference of their beauty when you live with them in your home. Our gods and goddess meditation candles are a sensory experience, activating the light energy of your rooms which brings you into the present moment through your olfactory senses.

Carson Pillow // $225

Mesa Pillow // $265

Jaipur Pillow Dreams – Pewter // $220

Ronde Pillow Jade // $210

Can you describe your creative design process?

My design process is very intuitive, I often follow my bliss and it leads me to create designs and products that are unique and very timely. I often lead the marketplace with my sense of color and material choices. My love of textiles was given to me through time spent with my grandmother as a young girl. We would spend summers sewing together and I was always mesmerized by her textile collection and sense of beauty. I always feel spirit working through me when I write or create my collections.

When looking to add pillows to your home decor, what are the most important factors to consider?

Pillows are the easiest ways to change the vibe and update a room. Knowing how you desire to feel in your rooms is the first thing I consider. Textiles and Color affect how you feel. I prefer eco-friendly textiles made with linen, eco-cotton, or hemp, as these are cradle-to-cradle textiles that are also biodegradable and feel good to live with. I try to stay away from synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, rayon, and acrylic because they don’t feel good against the skin and over time don’t wear well or biodegrade. Color is important because the pillow pulls a room together accenting the rug and artwork on the walls to create a cohesive interior. Size and Placement are also a factor, plus the type of fill that is inside has a large impact.  Feather and Down pillows are the softest and most eco-friendly. However, some people are allergic to feathers and must have synthetic fill that is not as soft, plus you have off-gassing in the first months with synthetic fill.

What trends do you think will be big in 2021?

Wellness at home, Interior Design Minimalism, and Neutral Color Stories.

If you could describe the line in 3 words, what would they be?

Cozy, Sustainable living.

Bianca Sherpa Pouf // $480

Icon Blanket – Cozy Granite // $428

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
In 2020, I became a certified Unplug meditation teacher and I created my new Gods and Goddesses Meditation candle collection to blend my love of mythology with my love of meditation. Because I feel that indoor air quality is important. Scent is a great way to become present in a room and a good scent creates a more pleasurable experience while inside.

Top 5 House of Cindy Must-Haves for Spring?
My Venus Smokey Rose Meditation Candle,
Cruelty-Free Bianca Sherpa Pouf,
Blessing Intention setting Lavender Eye Pillow, Cooper Pillow in Blush, and
Muse Nude Pillow.

Gods & Goddesses | Meditation Candle Collection
Venus Meditation Candle // $68
Mercury Meditation Candle // $68

Lavender Eye Pillow – Coral // $44

Petrus Pillow // $185

Camille Sherpa Pillow // $260

What can we expect to see from the line in the future?
I am inspired by the natural world and our human need to be comfortable in it. I am inspired by the hardwired systems in the human body. Our senses which are designed to keep us safe can also be activated to bring us pleasure and comfort. You can look forward to more beautiful collections that activate the senses, are sustainable and eco-friendly.

What you love most about Modeliste Magazine ?
Fashion is the underlying inspiration for everything I create at House of Cindy. We see ourselves in Modeliste Magazine with its focus on emerging fashion and beauty trends from around the world. I appreciate Modeliste Magazine for its comprehensive outlet that inspires and educates via artistic fashion vision on a large digital scale, from Behind-the-Scenes videos to award-winning photography, and even Style Influencer Getaways.

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