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Chic, unique and one of the hottest new lines, Joyce  Penas Pilarsky not only recently won the Los Angeles Fashion Week Design Competition, but continues to steal the show with her designs which are a true celebration of femininity. An explosion of fun, colours, movements and energy. We caught up with Joyce who shared all the latest for this Modeliste label we love.

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Describe the overall concept of your line.

Inspired by the grandeur of nature. My collections are sexy and daring, truly special and has a unique style. And once I designed it, I always carry in mind, that when a person wears it, she will dare to be different and she will be proud that she’s different.

What inspired your latest collection?

My latest collection was inspired by our rich heritage, I went to visit our national museum and was fascinated by our heritage, I wanted to show the world how beautiful our heritage is and our rich fabrics hand woven till now.

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Having won such a prestigious honor at LA Fashion week, tell us about that experience.

Having won the Los Angeles Fashion Week Design Competition is really one moment in my life which is my most happiest and fulfilling because I was able to earn the respect of the organizers and judges and everybody. The experience is so awesome as it is every person’s dream to be a winner in the fields that we love to do. So for me it’s really a great honor, I am really so thankful to the support of my family, my team John and Bench and everybody helping me out and all the organizers and all the people involved. My wonderful models as well as the judges for giving me this award as it means a lot to me so praise God and I give all the glory to God who made this all possible for me.

What is it like putting together your fashion shows. How does the show evolve?

Putting up a fashion show is not easy, you have to really be inspired first and then I source out the materials that I want to use then combine my fabrics to come up with the collection. Then I study which ones to combine then I do the collection with the thought of showing the world the beauty of fashion with my creation.

What’s next for the line?

Next for my line is more on menswear as they keep on asking for more.

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5 must-haves this season.

Must have this season, 1. White summer dress made of cotton, printed flowery blouse, 2. off shoulder or turtle neck, sleeveless, plain pink or pastel color shirt, 3. pencil cut knee high below the knee and combination of printed blouses. 4. Dark colored jacket which will go with the blouses you have just in case it becomes cold you have something to protect yourself. 5. Loose laser cut pants to wear when climate changes.

Are there any rules to fashion you live by?

Rules to fashion I live by. For me everybody is beautiful as long as she has a beautiful heart, we are all different and unique that is why it is important that we dress to please ourselves to flatter our selves, just feel comfortable wearing what we think will enhance our beauty. So that we feel happy and confident.

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Best fashion advice you’ve ever received or given?

I would like to encourage everyone to never give up, give your best and God will take care of the rest. To everyone always follow your dreams and whatever it is you are passionate about. Especially to all the emerging designers, fashion industry is very competitive field but for me they just need to be passionate and be themselves. They should be aesthetic and love their work.

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Style Icon?

I really admire Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Lady Diana.

What do you see as the biggest trends for 2016?

As a designer, I’m seeing a lot of fashion trends this 2016. The touch of retro during the 70’s was a big hit last 2015 but I believe this will continue to be on trend this 2016. From off-shoulder to uneven necklines, printed, floral and flowing dresses.

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New Year’s Resolutions?

My New Year’s resolution is to continue inspiring people in my small way to follow their dreams and live their lives with lots of love and passion with a purpose, it’s only this way that you will live a joyful happy fulfilled life each and every day.

Why you love Modeliste Magazine.

I love Modeliste magazine because it’s a fabulous and magnificent and awesome magazine. Full of lots of things every woman needs to know. More power to you and thank you for making me a part of your magazine.


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