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Labels We Love: Leonor Aispuro



Leonor Aispuro Private Collection

Leonor Aispuro is a Mexican Fashion Designer with a focus on sustainable and ethical design. Drawing inspiration from nature, intricate construction of vintage clothing, and traditional sewing techniques, Leonor creates one of a kind and ready to wear pieces adorned with natural hues that are perfect for any season.

In 3 words, how would you describe Leonor Aispuro Private Collection?
Diaphanous, Magical, and Inclusive. I love using flowing fabrics with structural elements and ethereal imagery with classic designs. My collections are made with everyone in mind and my sizing is genderless and flexible.

What makes Leonor Aispuro Private Collection so unique in the fashion industry?
My design process and aesthetic is unique because I draw on inspiration from my culture and upbringing. I am fascinated by my heritage and the traditions I have been taught, and I use my art to delve deeper into my own culture. My collections reflect my evolution as a Mexican artistic designer.

When working in NYC, I made connections with other designers that had excellent insight into the industry and the global effects of ‘fast fashion’. I learned about sustainable design and that, in addition to my introduction to sewing with my family, has shaped how I choose textiles, create designs and produce my pieces. I think it’s important to design at a pace that allows the creation of quality products without compromising creativity. It’s a slower pace than what we are used to but I believe it is, for that reason, that people wearing my designs describe it as “feeling like they are wearing a piece of art.”

Can you tell us how the label was created? The story behind the line?
My first lessons were in my youth, watching my mother and sisters create these beautiful garments. I would pick out outfits from sewing books and I would see my mother effortlessly drafting out patterns out of newspaper and stay up sewing late into the night and when I would wake up she had the creations, in my fabric of choice, ready for me to wear. This kind of creativity and artistry has been a part of my every day life. I also have a profound memory of watching my aunt, who is disabled and could not speak, sewing on an old singer machine.

I was always so fascinated by the way the machine looked and worked. It made me realize that sewing and design is an art and that art can be used as a way to communicate.

I began my formal education in design at age 17 and later moved to NYC and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for Sustainable Design. During that time, my cousin and I worked on a clothing line and I eventually created what is now Leonor Aispuro Private Collection.

Where do you draw your inspiration when creating your collections? 
I can find inspiration pretty much in anything. I especially am inspired by nature, my Mexican culture as well as vintage fashion construction and designs.

How would you describe your latest collection?
I am excited to be designing my own textiles and I am creating a new capsule collection of some more avante-garde designs, as well as carrying forward some classic shapes, reimagined. I like to experiment with fabrics, textures, and structures and this collection reflects my design evolution.

What do you see as the top 3 fashion trends of the Winter/Holiday season?  
Anything goes. Be true to yourself and dress for yourself. I like to be comfortable and wear clothing that makes me feel confident. I am sticking to a classic neutral palate but also mixing in pops of color throughout. I also think shopping small brands every season is very much in style.

What do you love most about the holidays?

I love making (and eating) tamales, buñuelos, pozole and menudo with my family, and just celebrating a holiday that is very important to them. We usually eat, sing and dance, as well as open present at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Any upcoming projects we can be on the lookout for?
I am currently selling my collection at Phoenix General located in Phoenix, Arizona and I will be releasing my new collection early next year!

Why will we love your line?
My designs are art that can make you feel the love and passion I create with. Every piece, from the textiles to production is chosen and created by me, with all the history my family has given me. It is sustainable, inclusive and challenges ideas of how and when to wear certain fabrics and how to create beautiful silhouettes with those fabrics.

Leonor Aispuro


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