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Abeautiful bronze glow can wipe years off your complexion while even having contouring effects that can trim inches from your waistline. But if you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun (i.e., wrinkles, brown spots, or, worse, skin cancer), the only safe glow is a faux glow. Our favorite products from Luna Bronze are formulated to look natural, dry quickly, show up instantly and give you the ultimate fake without the bake tan. Read on to learn how to create a sexy summertime sunless tan!

What is the story behind Luna Bronze?
Luna Bronze was created by two best friends, Rhi and Maddy, after Maddy had a run in with skin cancer. As former life long beach lovers and sun worshippers, this was the wakeup call that they both needed to start looking after their skin. With sunless tanning at its core, Luna Bronze came into orbit to provide skin loving, tanning products with ingredients that care for your skin without any unnecessary chemicals.

What makes it so unique compared to other sunless tanning products?
Our sunless tanning products are made in Australia, with our entire range being 100% vegan, cruelty-free, natural and organic. We’ve put skincare at the heart of all our formulas as we want our products to give you that beautiful, natural glow, whilst nourishing the skin with skin loving ingredients. We’ve included a variety of products that give different levels of glow, as we understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to their own sunless tan!

What are your tips and tricks to creating the ultimate sunless glow?
We’ve just about tried every tanning trick in the book, so we’ve curated our best sunless tanning tips to help you nail your Luna Bronze glow.

Firstly, preparation is everything!
For the ultimate results, we recommend exfoliating and shaving the night prior to applying your tan. Pairing our Back To Base Body Exfoliant with our Exfoliating Mitt is great at helping you achieve the perfect base..

Secondly, moisturise those dry spots!
We want your glow to look natural, so we don’t want any tan clinging to any of your dry areas. We recommend moisturising your elbows, hands, knees, ankles and feet prior to your tanning application.

Lastly, you need to moisturise again!
To extend the life of your tan, we recommend moisturising the skin once a day so that you don’t have any cracked, dry or flakey looking tanned skin. To maintain your colour, we’d recommend using our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser as it will help maintain that beautiful, bronzy glow.

What is the best way to avoid the “Fake” tan look?

The first and most important way to have a natural looking tan is using a tanning mitt! With using either our Eclipse (Medium) or Total Eclipse (Dark) Tanning Mousses, using our Luna Bronze Tanning Mitt will help give you a seamless, streak-free and even tan application.

A dead give away to a ‘Fake’ looking tan is having a streaky and blotchy application on your hands and feet. To stop this from happening, we do recommend moisturising thoroughly prior and using any excess tan on your tanning mitt and lightly glowing over those areas, focusing on going over your wrists and knuckles. Using a makeup brush over these areas can help!

When should you start working on your sunless tan to get beach-ready for summer? How often should you use sunless tanning products?
What we love about our Luna Bronze range is that it can be used at any time of year! We find our Eclipse (Medium) and our Total Eclipse (Dark) Tanning Mousses give that ‘I’ve just come back from vacation’ glow, which is great to use for the summer months or if you have any special occasions.

Otherwise, we have our lotion based products which is our Radiant Self Tanning Lotion and our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, which are perfect to use all year round, especially during those chilly winter months to maintain your glow.

What sunless tanning options does Luna Bronze have available?
For tanning newbies and those who are after a quick and easy glow, we have our lotion based products. Our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser gradually develops a natural bronze whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin. We then have our Radiant Self Tanning Lotion, with tinted caramel extracts, that will deliver a medium tan overnight.

Following that, we have our mousse based tanning products, which are perfect for those more experienced with tan. We have our Eclipse Tanning Mousse (Medium) that will provide a golden tan, great for fair to medium skin tones. Our Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse (Dark) is our express formula, designed for medium to dark skin tones, that gives results similar to a spray tan but in the comfort of your own home. These should both be applied with our Luna Bronze Tanning Mitts.

For tan preparation, removal and exfoliation, we have our Back to Base Body Exfoliant and our Exfoliating Mitt. These products are also great body exfoliants, without the tan, that can be used 2-3 times a week to get rid of any dead skin, leaving you with the glowiest skin.

We then have face tanners which are our Illume Face Tanning Mist, which provides a light, gradual spritz of glow and can be applied at any time of day. For deeper results, we then have our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum which combines skin loving ingredients that develops a beautiful glow overnight while you sleep.

What are Luna Bronze’s best selling products?
We find that our best selling products have both skincare and tanner benefits that care for the skin whilst giving them a natural glow. Our best selling products are our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser as it’s perfect for newbies and is so easy to apply, and our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum as it hydrates and brightens the skin whilst evening out skin tone leaving you a bronzy glow,

What will Modeliste readers love the most about Luna Bronze?
What we think the Modeliste readers will love about Luna Bronze is that you can get that ‘vacation’ tan without any of the sun damage in the comfort of your own home. It’s important to look after your skin from the sun and our products give you that glow that is simple, skin-loving but most of all…sunless. Sunbaking is so last century.


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