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Garnering acclaim from hairstylists and beauty experts alike, Luxx has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of the beauty industry, emerging as a beloved favorite. From styling this season’s trending curtain bangs, creating dreamy blowouts, to the way it brilliantly styles tresses — Luxx’s hair tools are the ultimate beauty insider’s must-have. Beyond hairstyling, Luxx extends its innovative touch to eyelash and eyeliner products, presenting a comprehensive range of beauty must-haves. Luxx’s offerings, like their renowned hair tools, have become iconic selections for those seeking a complete and transformative beauty experience.

Modeliste sat down with Pia Cynthia, Co-founder, and Regional Managing Director at Luxx, to delve into the secrets behind this iconic collection that has become a go-to for celebrities. Her insight’s unveil the essence of Luxx — what sets it apart, the inspiration driving its innovation, and how it has become synonymous with elevated beauty experiences. From red carpets to everyday glamour, this women-owned brand is a trendsetter in the realm of beauty.

What motivated and inspired the creation of Luxx’s products? Are there specific values or principles that drive the development of your products?

Luxx Store is more than just a business; it’s a women-owned and managed company on a mission to inspire women across all aspects of life. With Luxx Store, we have crafted something deeply meaningful that seamlessly integrates into daily life. Our brand transcends the surface-level beauty of a woman. Luxx Store aims to be that transformative touch of innovation that stirs confidence and beauty from within, encouraging women to embrace their bold and beautiful selves every day. In a world where beauty standards are constantly changing, and the beauty industry is saturated, the Luxx team believes that passion, innovation, and a commitment to empowering others can make a significant difference.

What distinguishes LUXX from other beauty brands is our commitment, which begins within our team. Our team consists of (almost) entirely women, from design to engineering to product development.

Our focus extends beyond products and promotions to encompass motivation, women’s empowerment, and self-development. We, in our bubble, acknowledge our significant privilege. However, with privilege comes responsibility. Many women lack the opportunity to pursue their dreams, face literacy challenges, and lack freedom of choice. Therefore, we allocate a portion of our annual profits to support female empowerment through the UN Organization I firmly believe that women’s empowerment is a transformative force. When women support each other, connect better, and network, we can expedite the closing of existing gaps. At LUXX, we are committed to being a part of this positive change.

Tell us about the Luxx Air Pro 2 – what makes these tools special, and how do they make haircare easier and better for beauty lovers?

The Luxx Air Pro 2 is a comprehensive set that includes all the tools necessary for versatile hair styling, ensuring high-quality results. Packaged in an elegant vegan leather box, it comprises 5 attachments and the main body, with 4 plugs available for various regions (US, UK, AUS, and EU). This all-in-one hair styler and dryer from Luxx revolutionizes your styling routine, rendering expensive salon visits a thing of the past. The Air Pro 2 is designed to be your ultimate hair styler, enabling you to showcase flawless hairstyles without subjecting your hair to extreme heat damage.
What sets the Luxx Air Pro 2 apart is its versatility, offering easy-to-use pre-styling, curling, smoothing, and volumizing tools. This versatility empowers you to style your hair in countless ways, providing the flexibility you desire.

The Air Pro 2 utilizes airwrap technology, a cutting-edge approach that prioritizes the protection of your hair from heat damage while simultaneously preventing static electricity and frizz during styling. With this innovation, your hair elegantly wraps around the curling barrel, resulting in stunning and varied curl styles. One notable feature is the thoughtfully curated set of choices, providing enough options without overwhelming you. This allows you to customize the warmth and air power according to your preferences. Additionally, the device heats up rapidly and cools down quickly, maintaining an optimal temperature that won’t harm your hair.

Luxx Air Pro 2 is not just a hair styling tool; it’s a commitment to delivering professional-quality results while safeguarding your hair’s health.

In your opinion, what sets Luxx apart from other brands on the market? What makes them uniquely effective or distinctive?

In this era of information overload, where numerous brands inundate consumers with advertisements, standing out has become an immense challenge. I believe the key to setting a brand apart lies in its ability to truly understand the consumer and deliver relevant communication tailored to target customers. In 2021-2022, our efforts were focused on differentiating the brand by emphasizing a purpose beyond revenue generation. This was especially crucial in the content landscape, where standing out amidst a sea of interesting topics posed a significant challenge.

Adaptability is another crucial aspect for us. Staying ahead of trends while remaining aligned with our brand messaging and audience direction is paramount. Prior to exploring new outlets and ideas, a deep understanding of content and messaging is imperative. These elements collectively contribute to the lasting impression our brand leaves on its audience.

In essence, the core of a brand lies in the holistic experience it provides to consumers. What truly sets a brand apart is the unique experience created through product usage. This distinct experience can take various forms and encompass numerous factors—extending beyond logical aspects such as performance or price. It delves into the emotional realm, focusing on how the product makes consumers feel. These emotions can be evoked at any point in the consumer lifecycle, whether during the buying experience, product usage, or even extending beyond the product lifecycle to considerations like sourcing and recycling practices.

Could you share insights into the top three haircare trends for 2024?

1. The emergence of multi-benefit products and a preference for streamlined routines, drawing inspiration from broader skinification trends.

2. Technological integration will continue to be crucial for product development. You can see that with Luxx through our eco-friendly hairbrushes, devices utilising low-energy technology, and a multi-hair styling tool currently in development.

3. Hair health was big last year but we’ll see that continue to be important in 2024. Consumers are looking for tools and products that not only protect hair from damage but also help maintain hair health.

Looking ahead, what exciting developments, launches, or innovations can we anticipate from Luxx? Are there any upcoming releases or expansions within the brand that you’re particularly excited about sharing with your audience?

We have an exciting lineup of projects scheduled for the first half of 2024, all centred around hair care products that aim to transform the beauty industry. In alignment with our commitment to evolving consumer expectations and contributing to a more environmentally conscious beauty industry, technological integration remains a cornerstone of our product development. In parallel with our product initiatives, we are embarking on an expansion roadmap. Despite our roots in e-commerce, we recognize the value of having a flagship store, which not only enhances our visibility but also opens up numerous opportunities. So we are hoping to have the very first store in the United States by Q4 in 2024, which our dedicated team is actively progressing to ensure we provide the best services for our first store. In a remarkable achievement, we doubled in size and revenue in 2023, and our ambitious goal is to replicate this success in 2024. This growth reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable business practices. We are excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact we aim to make in the beauty industry.

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