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Labels we Love: R.A.I Jewelry



As the most important detail to your everyday look, jewelry can always be a statement making on their own while perfectly completing the overall vision of your ensemble. Our favorite jewelry brands of the moment, R.A.I is filled with the chicest classics to shop and wear now as well as treasured forever keepsakes. Never has there been a time more suited to the phrase “treat yourself” – and support a deserving independent business – so why not consider the favorite brands of Modeliste editors, who are always happy to focus on the bright, the beautiful, and the oh-so precious? Read on to see what we love most about this stunning line and their latest collection just in time for the new season.

What is the meaning behind the name RAI?
R.A.I stands for Rise Above It

What is the story behind the creation of RAI Jewelry?
RAI Jewelry was founded by Olamide James with the intention to remind the modern woman of her power, strength and beauty. My intention was to empower women to rise above any challenge or achieve any goal she desires. The latter is encouraged by our statement and unique designs. Wearing the pieces should encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

Where does RAI Jewelry gain inspiration for their beautiful designs?
RAI’s main focus is to design bold, statement and unusual pieces which are shown through the irregular shapes, lines and textures of our jewelry. A lot of inspiration comes from the renaissance period and is also baroque inspired.

Iranola Chain // £59.99
Iranola means ‘Family of wealth’ in Yoruba. The combination of gold and the dominantly linked chains enables the appearance of wealth and power.

Rhys Ring // £69.99
Rhys means ‘enthusiastic’ in Welsh. It’s enthusiastically unique structure will add stylish dramatics to your outfit.

Roman Ring // £79.99
The ‘imperfect’ aesthetic and structure of this ring will dramatise any simple outfit.

Ronke Ring // £74.99
Ronke means ‘I have someone to pamper’ in Yoruba. Treat yourself or a loved one with this opulent ring.

Ari Earrings // £49.99
Ari’ means eagle. The chain design of these hoops suggest strength and freedom. They are simple, yet daring.

How often does RAI Jewelry release new collections?
At least every season.

Where can people shop RAI Jewelry? You can also discover more on Instagram:

What are some of the jewelry/ accessories trends this season?
We have just released a new collection called ‘Je Vous Defie’ which translates to ‘I dare you’ in French. The focus is more bold chain designs and layering of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Alina earrings // £49.99
The interlinked chain design of these gorgeous drop earrings suggest effortless opulence and luxury.

Ianthe Necklace // £69.99
Ianthe means ‘violet coloured flower’ in Greek. This is a 3 piece set necklace which can be layered, worn individually or even worn as a duet. Be creative. Be stylish.

Rex ring // £79.99
Rex means ‘ruler’. The majestic aesthetic and bold presence of this link chain ring is sure to remind you of your strength and feminine power

Favorite jewelry trend of all time?
Definitely the bold chain and bracelet trend, cubian links and anything gold!

How would you describe RAI in 3 words?
R.A.I: Unique, inspiring and daring.

Fashion icon?
I don’t have a particular fashion icon, but I’m often inspired by unique aesthetics. I often browse on instagram and see several people who have inspirational fashion choices!

What can we expect to see from RAI Jewelry this year?
We aim to continue to challenge traditional jewelry conventions as we have been doing with our resizable rings and bangles. We also aim to offer pure gold pieces in the future and even more unique and loveable designs!

Ivy Chain // £59.99
This necklace screams ‘bold’. The choker and chain combination will enable the ultimate statement piece.

Iliana Necklace // £84.99
iliana means ‘bright’ in Greek. The gorgeous pearl and unique chain design will make the ultimate statement piece.

Ramona Ring // £79.99
Ramona means ‘beautiful’ in Greek. The beautiful construction of this ring will beautify your delicate hands.

Iruoma Chain // £59.99
Iruoma means ‘favour’ in Igbo. A simple chain will add style and dramatics to the simplest of outfits.

Astrid bracelet // £59.99
Astrid means ‘beautiful goddess’. Add eloquent dramatics to your wrist with our distinct chain bracelet.

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