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Frame by Frame: SICKY Eyewear
SICKY Eyewear defines understated cool. The line based out of Malibu has become the ultimate in chic, for the best reasons: the shades are really well-made and always seem to hone in on just the right shape. Sunglasses always add that ultra-hip pop of posh. We all know that finding the ultimate frame can take your look to a seriously sexy and fashionable place. It’s more than just poolside perfection, it’s the most coveted statement piece of the and wardrobe defining accessory. So just who is Sicky? We spoke with founder and creative director John Hildebrand to get some good dirt on this quietly awesome brand, and here’s why it time to play Sicky.

John Hildebrand in the Office


Modeliste: What makes Sicky eyewear so absolutely cool and unique?
John: We pride ourselves on the quality of our eyewear as well as being a brand that is very lifestyle driven. We are unique in our shapes, colors, and patterns; we like to be bold and push the envelope with our style while always remaining tasteful.


Modeliste: What influenced you to start Sicky’s World?
John: I couldn’t seem to find a brand that my friends and I could really identify with and I’ve always been heavily involved in art, fashion, music and all things creative. Having my own company had always been a goal of mine and Sicky’s World is essentially my lifestyle that I turned into a brand, eyewear being the first of my ventures.


Modeliste: How have you evolved and grown over time as a brand?
John: Quality and innovation is a major priority. We truly have achieved the highest quality of product that we’ve ever created with our new collection launching in March. This craft is complex, and through our creative journey as a growing label we’ve always stayed true to our mission to deliver more than just a product, we want to deliver an experience.

Modeliste: Where do you draw your inspiration from in designing new styles?
John: Everything and everywhere. My inspiration comes from so many different aspects of my life whether it be photography, my friends or Malibu itself.


Modeliste: What is a typical day like for the designers behind Sicky Eyewear?
John: I am Sicky’s head designer and a typical day for me normally starts out with creating a new idea for a style of frame. I make blueprints, and then from there I start choosing colors of the acetate. Then, with my team, we go through hundreds of different colors and patterns to pinpoint exactly which color looks best with which frame. Then comes the task of picking the right lens and lens color, and I chose whether they’re polarized, mirrored, both or neither.


Modeliste: We believe a person’s choice of sunglasses says a lot about their personality – do you agree? What kind of vibe does wearing a pair of Sicky’s have?
John: YES!! Freedom of expression and being a true individual.

Modeliste: Do you feel like the right pair of shades can completely change an outfit?
John: Yes, 100%. Your face is the first thing a person notices when they see you or meet you, and your choice of eyewear is the wearer’s ultimate style statement.


B011_C080_0101N2.0002358-Edit EV4A2750

Modeliste: What are the hottest sunglasses trends this season?
John: We don’t necessarily follow trends, the Sicky team and I go off of what we are most inspired by and our personal tastes and ideas.

Modeliste: Celebrity Sightings & Sicky Fans.
John: We work with a lot of celebs, artists and bloggers. Cody Simpson, Cisco Adler, Gigi Hadid, Skylar Grey, Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Lopez, Leann Rimes, to name a few.


Modeliste: Who would you say are the great eyewear icons?
John: I’d have to say Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. I absolutely love that time period, style was so prominent and “classic” taste and fashion was really created during that time.

Modeliste: Which pair is your favorite, and why?
John: That is a very hard question because I truly love each and every frame. My favorite varies depending on my mood or what event I happen to be attending. I like to think of an eyewear collection in the same way a sneaker head thinks of their sneaker collection. A pair for every mood and some you only bring out on the most special of occasions.


Modeliste: Top Sellers
John: Our top sellers depend on a few variables. What part of the world it is, the current time of the year, when we launch new product, or when celebrities wear a particular style. Recently our top sellers would be the S6, the S10, and the S14.

S6    S10    S14

Modeliste: Advice on how to choose the perfect pair of Sicky’s?

John: A lot of it depends on the occasion you plan on wearing your eyewear. If you want to be especially technical, different frame shapes compliment different face shapes. Oversized frames really compliment oval faces and cat eye frames look best on heart shaped faces. Regardless of the technicalities, a perfect pair of SICKY’s is entirely up to the wearer in question.

SICKY Eyewear - Matte Lenses

Modeliste: What is your favorite part about working in the fashion and apparel industry?
John: The freedom of being creative and pushing boundaries with style. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, and I love how fast paced it can be and I always have to stay on my toes.

Modeliste: What do you think the future holds for Sicky’s World? New launches?
John: The future is bright, better grab a pair of SICKY’s. We’re the first brand to get to market with a matte reflective lens. This particular idea was a venture into the more high fashion and editorial world and something we came across that is just truly ahead of the curve. We think it will be a trend very soon.

Modeliste: If Sicky’s World was a song, what would it be?
John: “The future’s so bright (I gotta wear shades)” by Timbuk3

Modeliste: Why you love Modeliste
John: I love that Modeliste gives creators and designers of new upcoming labels a chance to connect with their readers.


SICKY Eyewear - Matte Lenses

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