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Lake Tahoe: Cedar Crest Cottages



WANDERLUST: The intense longing to travel, to explore and discover, fulfill our desire for adventure, our need to learn, to connect, and to indulge our curiosity with a sense of joy and wonder.

A love and appreciation of all that the travel experience offers and the emotional, spiritual, and physical need to seek out the beauty of nature, humanity, and the wonders of cultures around the world is a common bond of Modeliste Magazine staff and readers. In these heartbreaking and challenging times of covid-19 across the world, we all are wondering when, and if, we will safely emerge to once again race through airports to board packed flights for amazing destinations. For now we are virtual travelers, revisiting our photos, enjoying travel, nature, and history documentaries, virtual museum and castle tours, walks through cities and quaint villages, some familiar and many stacked on our bucket lists. We walk virtually along beaches and hike or run well trodden paths with our guides, often while breathless on our home exercise machines. We journey through books and videos to far away times and places, opening our horizons and dreaming of ‘somedays’ when we may once again have actual travel adventures.

As travelers, we have unique connections across the globe. We feel a particular compassion and empathy remembering the faces and places we have shared as we watch the human toll rise and we grieve the loss. We worry about the health and safety of those who welcomed us, served our food, shared laughter and comradery, guided us and taught us. They are a part of our stories, ever in our thoughts and our prayers.

Looking back at a winter of travel discoveries, Modeliste shares a lovely Lake Tahoe experience at family owned Cedar Crest Cottages. Tucked in a picturesque setting on Lake Tahoe’s west shore with easy access and stellar views, the Olson family has revisioned the 9 cottages from their hunting lounge 1930s origins into a collection of boutique vacation cottage getaways for couples, families and friends. Each of the cottages offer an inspired design and palette of color and decor, individual touches of whimsy, featuring luxury in 1 to 4 bedroom options open to the outdoors in all its splendor. Wood and stone elements, cozy furnishings and cheerful decor in spacious living and bedrooms with modern amenities of home including flat screen TV, WiFi, modern kitchens, washer and dryer. The Olson family welcomes new and returning guests to a B&B style retreat in harmony with the natural surrounds. Cedar Crest has an idyllic location for all seasonal activities, only a short walk away from the lake shore, providing inviting connections to Emerald Bay boating and water sports, quaint Tahoe City with Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and farmers’ markets, convenient dining at delis and restaurants, bike rentals and trails, and skiing nearby at Homewood Ski Resort.

Looking forward to returning to the beautiful Cedar Crest Cottages, s’mores at the firepit, nights of endless stars and the unique sparkling turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe.

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