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Let’s Play Pool: ECO PEACE



ECO PEACE swimwear has been renowned for being one of the most eco-friendly and responsible brands on the market. The ultra-chic line has that completely of-the-moment feel, thanks to festival-ready, tribal prints and modern cuts. As festival season is quickly approaching, this is the kind of swimwear that will make you nostalgic for the endless days of sunshine and pool parties. Think the allure of bohemian vibrancy meets flattering and comfortable fit. So whether you’re spring breaking or have your eye on Coachella, now is the perfect time to get your swimsuit game in check.


ECO PEACE is a celebrity young designer swimwear collection offering sustainable and trendy one-piece and bikini styles. Made in sunny Southern California, the line has unique detailing including hand beading and intricate cut outs. ECO PEACE stands for sustainability, renewability, social consciousness and a free spirit with an edge inspired by nature and all things good. The ECO PEACE customer is very savvy and is looking for unique pieces that will set her apart. ECO PEACE goes beyond the water, our suits are really an accessory piece of a wardrobe.

The inspiration behind the collection encompasses a free spirited lifestyle with an emphasis on fashion and sustainability with Native American influences. The line is inspired by what girls want to wear to music festivals. Often the right swimsuit can be a part of her festival outfit. She will wear ECO PEACE to a party at the beach. The line has clear sportswear influences and is designed so she can do just that.


The ECO PEACE girl is highly fashion conscious and likes to make a statement with her own style. She is confident and comfortable with her body. She also likes to have fun and express that with what she’s wearing.

ECO PEACE is the only line we know of that is inspired by music festivals. Nature and our responsibility to care for the earth is also what inspired us and keeps us true to making the most sustainable product possible. The ECO part of the name represents that.

With a new and innovative “water free” technology, most of the fabric we use is made without a dye process. It doesn’t have to be run through a color bath or be rinsed. All of the prints are digitally transferred, so again, there are no rinsing or finishing processes that use water.


The latest collection is inspired by Native American designs and themes as well as natural influences. You’ll see dream catchers, feathers, and tribal patterns used as motifs in the prints and trims. Also used are treatments such as lace up, beading, fringe and braiding on several suits. A good example of the influence of nature is in our Indio owl print with the dream catcher owl as the engineered focus, the background was designed with a photograph of tree bark that was re-colored and mirrored to reflect the current trends in prints and color.

You’ll love the influence of looks from the eighties. What is unique about ECO PEACE is the way they are combining that look with the inspirations we continue to get from nature. Sort of like the 70’s and the 80’s combined to make 2017!


“I love swimwear for a fashion minded younger customer. I grew up on the beaches of California and swimsuits have always been a big part of my life. Wearing them as well as designing them. My assistant IS the customer and has a great sense of who our customer is and everything about her – how she shops, who she’s following, what she’s listening to and where she’s going. Trends move very quickly and she’s on top of it! She is an east coast girl who has been in California for a couple of years now and has no plans to go back!” – Laurie Allyn, ECO PEACE swimwear designer

Biggest Swimwear Trends this Season? “Definitely the high leg especially on a one piece. Also, cut outs and mesh and lace insets. Crochet and lace. Bright colors playing off neutrals. Corset tops and details. Sweet details but sexy, sexy, sexy.”

Advice for picking out the best bathing suit style? “ Number one is to pick what you like, that always gives you an extra boost of confidence, wearing something you love. Then recognize your strong features and your weak features. Draw the attention to your best attributes that will distract from the areas that aren’t your greatest. Also remember you are your own worst critic. Ask a trusted friend and believe them.”

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