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Lighten Up: Quasar Light Therapy


It’s time to lighten up! There’s good news in the world of Beauty with the latest light therapy skin tools from Quasar. Having taken the beauty world by storm, Quasar has quickly become the ultimate go-to for Hollywood starlets, celebrity Makeup Artists and all those seeking to combat everything from wrinkles, acne, dark spots and lackluster skin. Quasar Light Therapy is the ultimate innovation for DIY advanced skin care, to achieve the most radiant, youthful glow. Time to ditch your dermatologist?  Here’s what we know when it comes to Red Light, Blue Light and giving Quasar Light Therapy the ultimate green light.


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What is Quasar Light Therapy?

Quasar Light Therapy was the first of its kind, offering affordable personal home-use anti-aging and anti-acne tools. It’s perfect for women, and men that are interested in easy-to-use and natural options to skin care, that don’t involve needles, medications or harsh or invasive treatments. We want our tools and treatments to become a customary as brushing your teeth or washing your face.  


What makes the product line entirely unique and innovative in the industry?

Light therapy adds no foreign substances to your body. It uses only natural elements, specific wavelengths of light, triggering your body to create collagen and elastin, boosting and supporting your skin’s natural health and beauty.


What inspired the creation of Baby Quasar?

Peter Nesbitt, President of Baby Quasar, learned about the technology in 2001 when he developed “tennis knees.” On top of the pain, he experienced inflammation and there were no OTC medications that he could find that offered any relief. The pain was so severe and constant that he had trouble sleeping at night. His physical activity started to slow because the pain was so intense and he longed to find something that would lessen the pain. He didn’t want to turn to prescription pain medication and was looking for a more holistic approach.


One day, he came across an article about a senior tennis player who had tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a common term for a condition caused by overuse of arm, forearm and hand muscles and causes significant discomfort and pain and tennis knees is a similar type injury that restricts movement in the tendons and joints in your legs. It’s not isolated to tennis players but it’s prominent in the sport. This particular player developed the condition and was going to force him to miss the international senior’s singles championship in Australia but obtained red light therapy treatment and went on to win the singles championship that year.


He was feeling a bit desperate. He missed playing tennis and the physical fitness it added to my life. He looked for doctors that offered this type of treatment but came up empty. He was shocked to find that treatment with LED red light technology was not generally available because insurers considered it experimental and would not pay for it. He decided to research LED light therapy machines to purchase. There weren’t very many available on the internet at that time and he ended up paying nearly $5,000 for a professional machine. It was large and bulky but within a few days of treatment, the pain in his knees was gone. He was going up and down stairs better than he had before the injury ever happened.


He was fascinated by the technology. He learned about NASA’s use of the technology on astronauts and plants in space and educated myself about its amazing health benefits, including regeneration of cells and use in the treatment of wrinkles. His entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he began looking for a company that manufactured red light therapy tools where I could invest. He took it a step further and bought a company. At first his company manufactured tools for pain management and anti-aging, but as the business began to grow, his team of investors and he made the decision to focus on the skin care and beauty industry.


Time to get techie- give us the rundown on the science behind the magic.

Light therapy has emerged as the most effective method of combating the effects of aging in the skin.


With red light, cells in the skin and supporting tissue absorb wavelengths between 590 and 950 nanometers. Our cells/tissues convert this light energy into “fuel” that is used to increase cellular metabolism. The increased cellular activity stimulates formation of new collagen and elastin — the building blocks of healthy skin.


The blue light (415-420 nanometer wavelength) interacts with the p. acnes bacteria generating oxygen singlets. These oxygen singlets kill the acne bacteria. When red light is added, in the case of Clear Rayz or any of our anti-aging tools, the red light (630 nanometer wavelength) dramatically reduces inflammation and the visible signs of acne.


Choosing the right product:

  • Fine lines Wrinkles – Baby Quasar PLUS, Quasar MD PLUS and Pure Rayz
  • Acne – Baby Blue, Quasar MD BLUE and Clear Rayz
  • Overall complexion radiance boost – All the tools complement each other.

Can Baby Quasar be used for prevention of wrinkles or just in treating the lines we already have?

Red light therapy is not just for the over-40 crowd. It’s recommended as a preventative treatment, just as Botox, as well as a treatment for existing lines. Our body’s production of collagen begins to slow in our 20s so by adding red light as early as our 20s, we can make a dramatic difference in the health and appearance of our skin. It is gentle, non-invasive, natural and recommended for all skin types and tones.


Why is Baby Quasar so beneficial in treating acne?

It kills the bacteria in the pores that cause acne. Our sebaceous glands produce sebum and many acne remedies wipe away the sebum, which gives us a healthy glow. Acne bacteria feed on sebum, causing breakouts. Our tools stop (suffocate) your pores from producing the bacteria, without getting rid of the natural oils that our skin needs for health and   .


Tips to using the Baby Quasar products and achieving the best results.

Always treat with clean, dry skin. If you have extremely dry skin and need a topical after cleansing skin, be sure it is water-based, so that there is maximum penetration of light into the skin. Treat for the recommended time outlined in the guide. More is not better. Our anti-aging tools have a built-in timer/shutoff but our acne tools do not. Press tool against skin and slowly move tool in small circular motions. Light will disperse; however, maintain a small treatment area to allow for maximum coverage.


Are there other skincare products that are beneficial to maximize the effectiveness of Baby Quasar tools and enhance or speed up the results? Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Peptides, a healthy diet, exercise, plenty of rest and positive energy. LED light therapy complements most topicals. The only issue we have found is mineral makeup. If you try and treat your skin while wearing mineral makeup – which we tell everyone to treat with a clean, dry face, your mineral makeup will turn gray.  


Best skincare advice.

Love the skin you are in. Wash your makeup off and night and do not forget sunscreen in the day.


How can we best protect our skin in the Fall and Winter months?

The sun can be just as intense in the fall and winter months so be sure to protect it with sunblock. Change up your skincare routine. Fall and winter tend to be drier months, so change up your skincare routine to reflect the change in seasons and weather.


Greatest success or achievement with the brand?

From a promotional standpoint, Baby Quasar was featured on the front page of the style section in the New York Times. However, I would say from a customer service success perspective, it would be the countless responses we have gotten from customers around the world, specifically those that battled acne, that discovered our tools and restored their confidence back.


Celebrity clients/ fans of the line?

  • Kim Kardashian-West
  • Michelle Phan
  • Huda Kattan
  • Lady Gaga
  • Pati Dubroff
  • Samaire Armstrong

What’s next for Baby Quasar? Upcoming product launches? What we can look forward to with the line?

We can’t currently comment at this time but have some exciting news coming out in the next few months so stay tuned.


Why you love Modeliste Magazine.

Simply put, Modeliste is functional art. It is creative, beautiful, entertaining and informative. It is an exceptional publication. Modeliste goes where no magazine has gone before … in the trenches and behind the scenes, which allows Baby Quasar to share its tools and technology with key influencers, celebrities and their makeup artists.


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