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Lily May Mac Modeliste Influencer Getaway to Tanzania



20 Questions with Lily May Mac

Lily Maymac has established herself as a beauty and fashion influencer. Her platform has implemented the great success of her makeup line known as, Lilac by Lily Maymac. Based in Sydney, Australia she continues to grow her worldwide audience with her keen sense of fashion and beauty tips. All while traveling the world she manages to keep her followers engaged by her chic yet authentic lifestyle. 

How would you describe your personal brand?
Feminine, edgy, every day girl.

What are three words that describe you?
Fun, empathetic and eccentric.

What inspired you to become an influencer and what is now your favorite part of being one now?
You cannot force yourself to be an influencer, it comes naturally. My favourite part is that I get to be myself.

How would you describe your stay at the Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge?
A beautiful retreat surrounded by amazing staff!

What were you looking forward to most when coming onto this trip?
Exploring a completely new and different culture.

What was your favorite part about the trip?
Being able to talk to the locals and learning a lot of interesting things about the country and animals.

What would you say is your spirit animal and why?
An elephant. I love being surrounded by others and being playful.

What is something you learned about Africa during your stay?
Animals usually give warnings before they attack.

What is something you always travel with?

Do you have a beauty ritual?
Yes, always moisturize and use spf.

What is your favorite fashion trend at the moment?
Statement jackets/coats.

How do you stay up to date with beauty, fashion brands, and trends?
Looking at my muses.

What is your favorite accessory to wear daily?
Hoop earrings and gold rings.

What is something you would like to say to your fans?
I’m so thankful and appreciative for all of you who support me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all.

Are you working on any exciting projects?
Yes! have a capsule collection launching with @elliat designed by myself.

What goal do you want to fulfill this year?
Work harder and smarter!

3 things you’d like to check off on your Bucket List.
Go ice skating on a frozen lake, see a whale, go rafting over a small waterfall.

Where do you wish to travel next?

What advice would you give to someone who is going to Africa for their first time?
 Bring closed shoes and lots of long sleeves. Try to avoid showing too much skin because there are a lot of bugs.

What inspired you to work with Modeliste Magazine?
The destinations they go to are always so enticing but meeting the staff is actually the best part! Amy is an angel and amazing to work with!

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