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Mode Around the Globe IT-Girls: Annabelle Fleur



2018’s Most Wanted
Photographed by Brett Erickson
Special Thanks to Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa

Annabelle Fleur

How did you originally get into blogging/social media?
It all started out as a hobby. My background is in IT and my husband’s is in finance. I was always into fashion and my husband wasn’t opposed to exploring photography so we just started out taking outfit photos and posting them online. I think the content really showed our respective passions, especially over time, so the blog gained momentum and now running the blog is our full-time job.

Describe your Instagram feed in 3 words.
Balanced, elegant, fun (I hope so at least!)

Why is your social feed so unique?
I feel that my social feed is unique because of the photography. We truly take the time and effort to put out the best photo/content we can.

What is your favorite part about being an Influencer? ​
Honestly, there is really nothing I don’t love about my job, but I think it is the fact that I am able to make a living doing what I am passionate about that I am truly thankful for!

What has been your favorite “I made it” moment?
I can’t pinpoint an exact moment, but it’s moments when brands that I loved my whole life started to reach out to work with me that I had to pinch myself. I’ve gotten to work with brands like Fendi, Guerlain, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, and Gucci to name a few. At this point, we’ve been blogging for more than 7 years, yet somehow it still feels a bit surreal that this is my life.

What are 3 things you always bring along with you when you travel?
My plane essentials, like are a super soft blanket ( I’m always cold on planes ), headphones, and lip balm (planes are so drying!).

How would you describe your personal vacation or travel ​style?
I’d like to think of it as effortlessly chic, elegant, and comfortable.

What was your favorite piece from VICI?
So many good pieces to choose from, but I think it’s the Pretty Please Ruffle Dress that was my personal favorite. It’s such a perfect vacation staple that can be worn anywhere from the beach to the dinner, and there is nothing I love more than versatility.

What do you love most about your ​Furla bag?
I love how easy it is to wear. Cross body design makes it super comfortable, and the burgundy color makes it super versatile–I wore it in Jamaica with my summer pieces, but it’s so perfect to be worn with cream sweaters and coats during the fall/winter season.

What was your favorite Biolage hair care product?
 I absolutely loved the nourish shampoo. My hair is in constant need of moisture due to dry climate in LA, frequent travel that I do, and all the heat and dye I put my hair through. This shampoo really gave my hair life and helped with the frizz in Jamaica (it was super humid!).

Pixi Beauty was one of our brands partners on the getaway, which were your favorite products you were able to try?
 I loved my multi stick! I’m pretty minimal when it comes to beauty products especially when I travel to tropical destinations. So any products that are multitaskers are always a win in my book.

Are there any skincare rules you live by when traveling?
My number one rule is to always wash every bit of make up off the face before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on is a recipe for (skin) disaster! So I always make sure to have a good cleanser with me as well as makeup removing wipes. Another one of my rules is to travel with face masks. Which masks I take really depends on the climate of the place I’m traveling to, but I always have a couple of different ones with me. Travel is rough on your skin so I try to give it extra love during those days.

What was your go-to product by Bioderma during your time in Jamaica?
I really liked the self-tanning mist. I like to apply self tanning products on top of my natural tan to keep it lasting longer and this mist worked great for me to lock in that tan. And another Bioderma product I used religiously is the makeup removing wipes. I like to use them to get the makeup off before I wash my face with a cleanser; that way, I end up with squeaky clean skin!

Tell us about the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort? What do you love most about the property?
I enjoyed the resort so much! I absolutely loved how nice and helpful the staff members were, the gorgeous spa, and the beautiful beach. There is not much more I could have asked for.

During your time here at the resort you were able to take part in a variety of wellness and spa activities. Which one has been your favorite and why?
Of course I had to visit the spa! I opted for a body scrub which was super gentle yet effective–I came out with the softest skin ever! That was definitely my favorite activity during this trip. I often try to make spa plans when I’m in LA, but more often than not I’m just too busy to keep my appointments. It was definitely nice to finally get that body scrub!

What are some things you do on a daily basis to incorporate wellness into your everyday life?
I try to take care of my body by eating healthy. I strongly believe your well being starts with a healthy well-balanced diet. To take care of my mind, I try to take time most mornings to meditate and unplug, even if just for a little bit. As far as exercise, I really like hiking, jogging, and doing some yoga.

Why do you love Modeliste Magazine and our Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways?
I enjoyed this trip so much! I loved getting to know new people, making friends, and catching up with blogger friends (I had a few on this trip!). It was so lovely to take a week off and relax as I often forget to do that. Thank you Modeliste Magazine for organizing such an amazing trip!


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