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Mode around the Globe IT-Girls: Sarah Jeffery



2018’s Most Wanted
Photographed by Brett Erickson
Special Thanks to Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa

Sarah Jeffery

How did you originally get into blogging/social media?
I started an Instagram and Twitter account when it first got big, but I only started to use it heavily when it proved to be a good way to discuss my upcoming acting jobs and to engage with viewers of the projects I’ve worked on… It’s a great tool for promoting!

Describe your Instagram feed in 3 words.
Fun, honest, and diverse

Why is your social feed so unique?
It’s unique because it features not only fashion and beauty, but my acting career as well. I try to keep it relatable!

What is your favorite part about being an Influencer?
I spend most of my time focused on my acting career, so when I get to dive into the influencer world it’s nice to shift my focus to things like fashion and beauty! It keeps it light and fun.

What has been your favorite “I made it” moment?
I think one of the coolest moments was walking into the 2015 Golden Globes after parties, both HBO and NBC. I saw so many of my idols, I got to wear a pretty gown, and I met so many influential performers.

What are 3 things you always bring along with you when you travel?
A pair of my favorite sunnies, a good hair serum, and my makeup bag.

How would you describe your personal vacation or travel style?
I would describe it as playful and unique. I wear a lot of white but I also have pops of color and statement pieces mixed in there.

What was your favorite piece from VICI?
I think my fave piece from Vici was one of the necklaces I got! It was gold and super delicate- fit right into my minimalist jewelry style.

What do you love most about your Furla bag?
Aside from it being adorable, I LOVED that it was vegan! As a vegan myself, that’s pretty important to me.

What was your favorite Biolage hair care product?
The conditioner! It smells like heaven and since my hair is so dry, I love a good reparative conditioner.

Pixi Beauty was one of our brands partners on the getaway, which were your favorite products you were able to try?
Well first of all I already loved Pixi Beauty, so I was so happy that they were one of the brand partners! My favorite products were the Sun Serum and the Multibalm in Wild Rose. So perfect for being in the sun!

Are there any skincare rules you live by when traveling?
When I’m tanning I don’t put face makeup on, and then I definitely like to moisturize morning and night to keep my skin from getting dry, because it typically does in new climates.

What was your go-to product by Bioderma during your time in Jamaica?
My favorite product to use was their micellar water. It was so gentle on my sensitive skin and was perfect for taking off any remaining makeup I had on at night.

Tell us about the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort? What do you love most about the property?
The Jewel Grande Montego Bay was beautiful! It had everything you needed- beachfront access, swim up bars, an amazing spa and balconies with views. My favorite part was probably the gorgeous views and the cute cabanas on the beach- It was the perfect spot to lounge during the day.

During your time here at the resort you were able to take part in a variety of wellness and spa activities. Which one has been your favorite and why?
My favorite spa activity was definitely the amazing wild ginger massage I got- We’re all so busy in our day to day lives and at least for me, I hold a lot of tension in my body, so it was the perfect way to decompress and relax!

What are some things you do on a daily basis to incorporate wellness into your everyday life?
Well for starters, I’m vegan! So I’m constantly eating fruit and veggies, and having to be mindful that I’m getting all the nutrients and vitamins I need. I also love doing hot yoga which is a great way to sweat out impurities, and of course a good night’s sleep is necessary!

Why do you love Modeliste Magazine and our Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways?
I love Modeliste Magazine because it features such amazing girls, and is so on point with it’s fashion, travel inspo, and everything in between. The Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways are SO great because it’s a chance to get creative with Modeliste and get to know some really amazing people. It definitely doesn’t hurt that we get to travel for work and see new places, either!


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