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Mode Around the Globe: Luana Barron



Mode Around the Globe:Tulum
Luana Barron

Photographed by SHAUN VADELLA @vadellaphoto
Videography by COLE CHRISTOPHER @thecolechristopher

CONRAD TULUM RIVIERA MAYA @conradtulumrivieramaya

When did you begin your career as an influencer/model?
I started in the world of modeling at about the age of 13, before all the platforms today existed with as much visibility as TikTok, Instagram, among others. I began to realize the importance of having your own platform. What I liked the most is that you can use social media to have a voice and post what really matters to you. It’s something magical, I started using TikTok at first and then Instagram as my main sharing platforms and I loved having creative control showing myself as I am. Now content creation is my main full-time job and I am passionate about it. I’m TikTok obsessed. I started posting on TikTok long before the pandemic and when we were all locked up I was posting full varied content on my other platforms like Instagram (Makeup tutorials, sports routine, sharing healthy food recipes, videos of looks for different occasions without neglecting My Communications and Marketing career. I also started preparing a project for my virtual course (for content generators) and continue with the development of my personal brand Between US.

What was the highlight of your trip with Modeliste?
Actually there are many things, it is the sixth time I have traveled with them and I think this shows how happy I feel to always collaborate with them. The team is incredible.

City getaway or tropical getaway?
I consider myself to be a girl who loves both. I could live on the beach during the day and spend the night in a city.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects that you can share with our readers?

I am one of those people who is always thinking about new projects and setting new goals. I consider that both success and failure add up and fill us with life experiences. For now, I am shooting a movie that has me very excited. I’m also looking forward to the launch of VOL II of my online course for content creators, since the first one was a success. I am super grateful for all the trust of my community for the acceptance I received. On the other hand, and no less important, is to continue expanding personal brand Between US. I love knowing that they love each collection as much as I do and it’s nice to know that I can reach many people with my pieces in different countries.

3 items you cannot leave your house without?
Sunscreen, lip moisturizer and my cell phone.

What is something about yourself most people would be surprised by?
The many times that I fell and got back up. We are used to living from what we see on the networks, but not from behind and in reality. We are human beings with feelings, we laugh, we cry and we have emotions just like anyone else.

Which products are you loving this season to stay hydrated?
A good body moisturizer and facial oil.

How do you balance your work life and your personal life?

At first it was difficult, between the university, my entrepreneurship, my recordings, my life as an influencer, I ended up super exhausted. But after the pandemic I learned to enjoy every moment and value the simple things that can make us happy. I try to enjoy myself to the fullest and I always try to organize myself. I am also convinced that when you do what you are passionate about you do not really work.

Girls night in or Girls night out?
Girls night out!

What is your favorite makeup trend right now?
Lip liner to define your lips and eyebrow gel and a mascara.

Who is someone that inspires you?
There is a long list, but I cannot start this list without my mother. She is the definition of resilience and is behind all the creativity and the content I create!

What makes you feel confident?

Trusting myself.

The best advice you can give someone who wants to pursue a modeling/content creator career?
Trust yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, it’s hard for people to trust you. Be authentic, show yourself as you are and share what you really like.

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
Self love, fight for their dreams, only you have the power to build your future. A phrase that my mother always said to me is: “We are architects of our own destiny and that the sky’s the limit.”

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