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Mode Around the Globe: Rikki Feerrar



Rikki Feerrar

Royalton Antigua
Special Thanks to Beach Bound Travel @beachbound

Photographed by Monique Yelvington @roughhgem
Videography by Katie Medoway @k_medow

When did you start your career as a content creator/social media influencer?
I started years ago! I started strategizing my content and putting myself out there on social media right after college, in 2016, and then was able to make it a full time career in 2020!

Do you have any advice for young women who are hoping to pursue a career as a content creator/social media influencer? Is there anything you wish you knew before?
My advice is that there is room for everyone, especially in today’s world. It might seem like everyone is starting their career as a content creator but people are always looking for new and inspiring people to follow and I’ve realized the same for brands- always trying to find new people to work with! So go for it and don’t hold back if it’s truly what you’re inspired to do.

What are you most thankful for at this stage in your life?
I’m most thankful for my health and my ambition.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects that you can share with our readers?
I do!! Nothing I can currently share but I’m so excited for new chapters!

City getaway or island getaway?

Tough question!! I just recently visited both Paris and Antigua, and both were equally amazing!!

What was the highlight of your time in Antigua with Modeliste? Any funny stories you would like to share?
Honestly just being on a tropical island with amazing females- it was so inspiring and fun! The girls on the trip were just so genuine and it’s great to be around like minded supportive females, and obviously even more amazing it was on an incredible island. Katia and I were walking back to our rooms late one night and there was a crowd of people around and I looked down and thought I saw a HUGE tarantula crawling towards us…(MY BIGGEST FEAR) and I started sprinting and screaming in the opposite direction. No one else had yet seen it but my scream was so fearful that everyone else started screaming and running with me…here it was just a crab that escaped from the beach area.. not a spider!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In ten years I see myself married with kids and still doing the things that I love in my career!

How do you balance your work life and your personal life?
Honestly, I don’t… I’m still trying to master it. There are times when its 95% work and 5% self care for months at a time depending on the season. I do experience burn out but I’ve been able to really indulge in self care during the times I do get my time off.

Any current trends you will NEVER partake in? If so, which trends?
I don’t think I would ever partake in eye lash extensions or microblading! Working in the beauty industry I see soooo many trends. I NEED everything off my face at night so eyelash extensions would not be good for me. I also wouldn’t be able to tattoo anything on my face because I change up my look and makeup so much!

What is your current skincare routine for winter? Do you have any favorite products we must try?
Definitely anything hydrating! My skin gets so dry- the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is so good!

If you weren’t in social media, what would you want to be doing for work?
I’d be working and owning my own spa/salon full time!!

What makes you feel most confident?
When I’m doing the things I love and working on bettering myself and those around me.

If you only could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Grilled chicken salad… I know it’s not that interesting but honestly something I never get sick of.

Choose one place in the world you have always wanted to visit but haven’t.

What would you like to say to your fans/followers?
Follow your dreams, work on yourself, aim to be your healthiest and happiest!

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