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Model Diaries: 30 Questions with Serayah



As one of 2015’s hottest rising stars, Serayah, best known for her role as Tiana on Golden Globe nominated, Empire, and with a host of new projects on the horizon is living the life she always wanted. With a radiant energy, generous smile, poised demeanor and infectious laugh, Serayah has captured the hearts of her loyal fans as well as industry insiders and A-List famous celebrity besties.  Serayah dishes on what it’s like hanging with Taylor Swift, her love life, style icons, and what’s next on this ‘It-Girl’s’ bucket list. Meet Serayah.


Modeliste:  Where were you born?

Serayah: Encinitas, California

Modeliste:  How did you get into singing and acting?

Serayah: It was just something I always loved to do.

Modeliste:  Who has been your greatest source of inspiration?

Serayah: Definitely my mom, she’s definitely the driving force behind everything I do.

Modeliste:  Congratulations on Empire’s 2 Golden Globe nominations! This must be an exciting moment. Why do you think viewers resonate so well with the show?  

Serayah:  Probably because it’s so relatable in terms of like family problems and the dynamics like that but also I think people are really intrigued with the entertainment business and what that’s like


Modeliste:  How will you celebrate if it wins?

Serayah:  Go to an after party!

Modeliste:  What has life been like since you were cast on Empire?

Serayah:  It’s gone by so fast it’s definitely been a whirlwind.

Modeliste:  Are there any similarities between yourself and your character Tiana?

Serayah:  I would have to say our love and passion for music and entertainment and probably our determination as well

Modeliste:  Have you had any crazy fan encounters?

Serayah:  I was at a Chris Brown concert and I had decided to straighten my hair even though people know me usually for my curly hair, and this crazy fan came up to me and like yelled at me because she wanted my hair to be curly.

Modeliste:    Moving in the direction of acting, is there any type of role you would like to play?

Serayah:  I would love to be in a drama-dy or a superhero movie

Modeliste:  Who would be your ultimate dream to act alongside?

Serayah: Halle Berry – maybe if I played her daughter

Modeliste:   What was it like performing alongside Taylor Swift at her recent Chicago stop on her latest tour?

Serayah:  It was surreal, we performed in front of 60,000 people

Modeliste:  How did the two of you meet?

Serayah: On the set of Bad Blood

Modeliste:  What’s it like hanging out with Taylor?

Serayah:  Totally normal! She really down to earth and chill.

Modeliste:   How do you see your responsibility to young girls and women who look to you as a role model?

Serayah:  I feel like it’s very important but also hard because no one’s perfect.

Modeliste:   What’s your hidden talent?

Serayah:  I can do a clover with my tongue; does that count?

Modeliste:   Most played song on your iTunes?

Serayah:  Selena Gomez, can’t keep my hands to myself

Modeliste:   What’s your most frequently used emoji tab?

Serayah: Crying laughing emoji


Modeliste:   Spirit animal.

Serayah: Giraffe,.. I don’t know, something sweet

Modeliste:   3 things you always keep in your makeup bag.

Serayah:  Chapstick (I’m a hoarder), concealer, eyebrow product (usually Anastasia)

Modeliste:   Boyfriend?

Serayah:  Haha no…

Modeliste:  What qualities do you look for in a guy?

Serayah:  Honesty, spontaneous, funny– if you can make me laugh, that’s good

Modeliste:  Style icon.

Serayah: Gwen Stefani or Rihanna

Modeliste:  Signature scent.

Serayah: Clean  

Modeliste:  How would you describe your personal style? Very street chic,

Modeliste:   Go-to piece of clothing.

Serayah:  Boyfriend jeans, t-shirt leather jacket

Modeliste:   Best advice you’ve ever received.

Serayah:  Remain humble, remain yourself.

Modeliste:   #1 on your bucket list?  

Serayah:  Go to 10 different countries… see the world!

Modeliste:   What are you most excited for in the New Year?

Serayah:  Whatever it has to offer, 2015 has been great!

Modeliste:   New Year’s resolution.

Serayah:  Just to be more consistent, You know, go to the gym more and eat cleaner.

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