Model Diaries | August4th, 2015

Model Diaries: Charlize Cotton

Modeliste Cover Girl, Charlize Cotton, radiates that youthful fun loving and fresh energy that is reminiscent of the sweetest Summer days and glowing Summertime sunsets. It’s hard not to fall in love with her giggles, endless smiles and spontaneous on-set dance sessions which have made her a shining up and coming star in the modeling industry.
In her interview with Modeliste, Charlize reveals her ultimate Summer beauty tips and must-haves, her style icons and favorite designers and why she loves being a Modeliste Girl!
Modeliste: What was your favorite part of the photoshoot?
Charlize: My favorite part of the photoshoot was being able to work with the most amazing photographer and getting to meet the crew.
Modeliste: What was your favorite look from the photoshoot?
Charlize: My favorite look was the white bikini by A Che.
Modeliste: What would you describe as your personal style?
Charlize: How I dress depends on my mood, but I truly have many different styles and if I would have to pick one it would be a simple bohemian style.
Modeliste: Having been on so many photoshoots and worked with numerous makeup artists, what are some tips you’ve taken away and use daily?
Charlize: The beauty tips that I have taken away from most of my photoshoots are never to pick my eyebrows, always take-off makeup after work so your skin can breathe, moisturize your skin every night before bed and always keep a chapstick in reach- my favorite is cherry.
Modeliste: What product do you turn to for your ultimate beauty boost?
Charlize:  My must-haves are Maybeline Eye Brow Fix and Mac Boy Bait lipgloss.
Modeliste: What is your number one beauty secret?
Charlize:  My number one beauty tip is to keep moisturized both body and hair. I love to use Moroccan Oil.
Modeliste: What fragrance are you wearing right now? What is your signature fragrance?
Charlize: Jo Malone Orange Blossom is the fragrance that I’m wearing right now, but my signature fragrance is the Angels Only Eau de Parfum.
Modeliste: What has been your favorite fashion moment?
Charlize: Going to the Grammy’s, I wore an amazing dress from Azzedine Alaia, and a gorgeous pair of heels from Chanel.
Modeliste: What are you most excited to wear for Summer?
Charlize: I am most excited to wear Triangl Swimwear bikinis.
Modeliste: What is your favorite go-to pice of clothing?
Charlize: My Victoria Secret Pink sweatpants and hoodie.
Modeliste: How do you keep in shape? Health tips?
Charlize: I eat really healthy and clean. No sugar, lots of nuts and seeds, little fruit and lots of water. For a workout I do CrossFit along with Pilates and yoga.
Modeliste: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Charlize: To never hang on to un-forgiveness towards people.
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