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Model Diaries: Megan Williams




VICTORIA’S SECRET Angel Megan Williams has picked up her Angel wings once again and killing it in more ways than one.  Making her Cover debut on Modeliste magazine, Megan is not only absolutely stunning, she also radiates such an incredible inner beauty, talent, charisma alongside her absolutely adorable British charm…of course.  

On November 28th, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show—filmed in Shanghai will be broadcast worldwide.  Ahead of the steamy spectacle, we caught up with bonafide bombshell Megan Williams, who was discovered at a McDonald’s in her small hometown in England,  to get the scoop on how this top models preps for the highly anticipated show. Megan tells Modeliste exclusively what it’s like to be a part of the Victoria Secret legacy, her favorite ways to stay in shape  and what is on the top of her bucket list.


Modeliste: Where did you grow up?

Megan Williams: I grew up in the South of England, and I spent half of my life on a little island called Guernsey, between England and France.

Modeliste: How did you first get into modeling?

Megan Williams: I first got into modeling in my humble home town. I was approached to join a small modeling competition. I was actually eating at McDonald’s at the time, which is interesting, and then I did the modeling competition and I went to London and I found myself an agency.

Modeliste: What’s it like to become part of the Victoria Secret legacy?

Megan Williams: To become part of the Victoria’s Secret legacy is a dream come true for any model or any girl. I just think, it’s so many iconic, beautiful women and to be a part of that now, it’s just, it’s so surreal to me. I don’t believe it still.

Modeliste: So tell us about the upcoming Victoria’s Secret show that you’re going to be in.

Megan Williams: I’m super excited, because this will be second Victoria’s Secret show. Last year was in Paris, this year we’re going to Shanghai. I’m just so excited, it’s going to be incredible, I’ve got a lot of friends doing it this year with me. I’m not going to be as nervous, I’m just going to be more excited and actually enjoy my time there.

Modeliste: And what do you do to pump yourself up and get yourself ready before you hit the runway?

Megan Williams: To get myself ready before I hit the runway, I’m definitely working out a lot. Making sure my body is in shape, just feel amazing and confident. Should I go again?

Before I hit the runway, I’m definitely working out a lot. My fitness regime is definitely amped up to make sure I feel confident and ready for the show. I’m just practicing my walk a little bit, watching old Victoria’s Secret shows, I like to do that, get inspiration.

Modeliste:  What is some of the best modeling advice you’ve ever received?

Megan Williams: Some of the best modeling advice I’ve received is more about your character on set. I think if people like working with you, that’s really a big plus, because there’s so many beautiful girls. Millions, hundreds of them in the industry that I see, so at least you can be the nicest and the easiest to work with. Hopefully, they’ll have your back.

Modeliste: What are some of your favorite ways to stay in shape?

Megan Williams: My favorite ways to stay in shape, I like to combine lots of different areas of fitness because I like to keep myself excited and into it. So, Pilates, yoga, I like to work out in the gym. I don’t do som much cardio, I focus on more muscle toning and building and getting shape to my body.

Modeliste: Who do you look up to most in the industry?

Megan Williams: I love models like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley because I aspire to have a career kind of similar to hers, but I also like the cool bad girls like Kate Moss and I guess the Brits, because a Brit.

Modeliste: You always seem to be on the move, where’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to this year?

Megan Williams: My favorite place I’ve traveled to this year would probably be … I go to so many amazing places, one of my favorite places I went to was Mauritius, it was really, really far to get too, but I mean, it was worth it. When I was there and I was shooting on the beach and I’m in the water. I did a really cool bikini shoot there and that was amazing, that was up there. That was up there. There was a shoot in Tokyo, which was one of my favorite cities I visited so far.

Modeliste: What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Megan Williams: I’d actually to take some time out of work, and travel more personally for me, because I’ve been to so many different places but I haven’t had the opportunity to really explore them. I love Asia and Thailand, so I really want to go back and just really take a couple of months to travel around and see some culture.

Modeliste: How do you describe your everyday style?

Megan Williams: I’m a very like comfy girl, so whatever’s comfortable. I love denim, I wear a lot of denim, denim jackets, cool denim vintage jeans. Yeah, I think it’s kind of minimalist but a little bit of New York street style.

Modeliste: What was your favorite look from today’s shoot?

Megan Williams: The pink corset, the flamingo corset was pretty epic. I’ve never worn something like that on a shoot so far, and we did an amazing shot with the Chrysler Building behind us. That was awesome. That has to be my favorite look.

Modeliste: So we’re here at the Tuscany Hotel in NYC, what was your favorite part about the shoot location today?

Megan Williams: The Tuscany hotel, the shoot location today, was so amazing because we just had all the space to play with ourselves in the penthouse, so we can use all the different rooms. I mean, the 360 views of the city was epic. That was pretty amazing to shoot at.

Modeliste: What’s it like being Modeliste’s  next cover girl?

Megan Williams: Being Modeliste’s next cover girl is amazing and I’m very proud and I really hope you guys love the shoot.


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