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Model Diaries: Olivia Holt



Model Diaries
Olivia Holt

Olivia talks to Modeliste about acting, music, fame, being a role model and of course her fabulous Spring finds.

Olivia Holt, is one of those girls that seemingly unknowingly, lights up the whole room. Her smile radiates her beauty and her playful energy is a magnet to all those around her. She giggles at her honesty at her obsession of using ketchup on absolutely everything and her shows off her uncanny ability to change accents to a real Southern drawl…she grew up in Tennessee afterall!
Olivia is more than just a Disney girl. Her incendiary talent has propelled her from acting to a new singing career having just signed with a major record label. She optimizes the girl who has remained unaffected by her celebrity status, has stayed true to her roots, adores her family and friends and is excited about just about everything. Modelitse’s Jill Winkler caught up with the starlette, and here’s what she learned.

Jill: How did you originally get into acting?
Olivia: It all really did happen by accident. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and I did some theater but I never thought in a million years that I would end up doing it as a job. I heard about an opportunity out in LA and we made a family vaca out of it and it was all really overwhelming and interesting and intriguing and I ended up filing with an agency.

Jill:What’s it like to be a Disney Channel Star?
Olivia: It’s kind of surreal because growing up, the first thing I would do after school I would get my hour of watching TV and it would be Disney Channel. And I looked up to those people so much and suddenly I was following in the footsteps and it’s such a blessing. I fall more in love with my job every day.

Jill: You also have a record deal with Hollywood Records which is super exciting. Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to at the moment?
Olivia: Oh I’m all over the place. My dad’s was into 80s rock band and my sister listened to theater. But right now I’m really into Jess Glynne and so I’m trying to incorporate some elements of her music into mine.

Jill: Are you currently working on any musical projects?
Olivia: Yeah, I’m finishing up my first record with Hollywood Records right now and I’m enjoying every step of the journey.

Jill: Who is your biggest source of fashion inspiration?
Olivia: There are so many women who kill it every time. I feel like Jessica Alba is one of those girls that I really like and I think Lily Collins is another one.

Jill: You also are quite a style icon attending events like New York Fashion week and other events. How would you describe your style?
Olivia: I think over the years it has changed so much but I think I’ve really found that I have a feminine style and it’s very glam and girly and glam but I also have a tomboy style that kind of reminds me of a kid running around.

Jill: What are your 5 Spring Must-Haves?

Olivia: Pastels and flower prints

Olivia’s Must-Haves

Auguste the Label

Auguste the Label Vagabond Boheme Goddess Maxi Navy Tiny Floral

DW Watch

Daniel Wellington Classy Winchester Rose Gold Watch


NUX Passion leggings

Bathing suits, I feel like I’m buying a new one every week


Big tote, something that I can carry everything in

A pair of comfortable flats to put in my bag when I’m wearing heels during the day

Jill: Go-To piece of clothing
Olivia: Crop tops

Jill: Favorite Sunglass style
Olivia: I’m really into the really round style sunglasses.

Jill: What 3 items do you always carry in your purse- minus phone, keys and wallet.
Olivia: Mascara always, lip balm always, hair ties always

Jill: Ultimate fashion or beauty splurge.
Olivia: My celine bag. It’s a black little celine bag. I’ve been wanting this bag for so long and I begged my parents for it, it was all I wanted and I take it absolutely everywhere and I’m obsessed it. That was actually two years ago and I actually just got a matching wallet for it as well this past year.

Jill: What’s your favorite type of accessory?
Olivia: I like earrings a lot, I like playing around with cuffs, especially rose gold colored stuff.

Jill: What do you like to do when you’re not filming and on set?
Olivia: I’m either go to the extreme and take a quick getaway for the weekend- maybe go hiking, or go snowboarding, or I’m at home literally not moving and turn on the tv and catch up on my favorite shows.

Jill: Do you have any hidden talents most people don’t know about?
Olivia: I can literally pop every bone in my body

Jill: Where in the world would you like to travel to that you haven’t been yet?
Olivia: I feel like I want to go to Bali and I was looking at photos and it looks so beautiful and tropical but I want to go somewhere that is a lot of green, a lot of water, a lot of sun.

Jill: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
Olivia: Photography. I’m super into pictures and I have a camera, I don’t really know how to work it but I would love to take a photography class and really learn how to work a camera.

Jill: You are clearly a role model for young girls everywhere. What advice would you give to those who look up to you?
Olivia: Growing up, I really looked up to people who were really positive and had a really good outlook on life so I feel like as long you are surrounding yourself with people who are special to you and are making you be a better version of yourself, that’s important.

Jill: You’re so young and talented and you’ve accomplished so much. What’s next for you?
Olivia: Just trying to continue to do this insane job that I love so much every single day!

Silver top & skirt A.L.C.

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