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Model Diaries: Rachel Hilbert



Being a model means being ready for anything, and Rachel Hilbert is always game. Since her emergence on the scene she has become a fixture within the industry and is now the official spokesmodel for Victoria’s Secret’s line, PINK. With her youthful energy, radiant glow and charming demeanor, Rachel has gained a high-profile series of admirers. Modeliste sat down with Fashion’s new It girl in New York City after her Cover shoot at the Chatwal Hotel, where Rachel opened up about life in the spotlight, how she became the face of PINK and what’s next on her bucket list.

Modeliste: Where did you grow up?
Rachel: Originally I’m from Rochester, New York, upstate.

Modeliste: How old were you when you first started modeling? What was your very first modeling job?
Rachel: I started modeling when I was 16, and was discovered from an open call. I used to always dance my whole entire life, and people from the dance competitions would be like, go down to New York City and try out for modeling. So, I did that, and it happened to be really amazing.

Modeliste: Tell us about getting the role of being the face of PINK- when did you start working with Victoria’s Secret and did you see it progressing to where you are now?
Rachel: When I turned about 18 years old, Victoria’s Secret PINK really started looking at me, and it was probably one of the best things that’s ever happened in my career. I did an in-house, kind of photo shoot for them and one of the main people from Victoria’s Secret PINK was like, let’s try shooting Rachel, normal shooting. Then I just kept shooting with them, and got signed to be the face of PINK. That really started my whole entire career and was probably the craziest thing.

Modeliste: Describe a typical day off.
Rachel: Well, my typical day off, you can find me in literally my Yoga pants and a sweatshirt because I go to the gym and then I run around doing errands. It’s a pretty normal day off like anyone else.

Modeliste: What are your top 3 beauty must-haves?
Rachel: Water, always water, sleep. Everyone can afford this. Water and sleep is the biggest thing. Also, a good moisturizer. Those three things are no-brainers.

Modeliste: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?
Rachel: I’ve yet to do it, but I want to skydive. That’s on my bucket list. I need to skydive in the coolest place. I think I’m gonna get addicted to it and become one of those skydive junkies but, whatever it’d be really fun.

Modeliste: Favorite part of today’s shoot?
Rachel: We had a really great team and a great photographer. It was really fun, we shot in this beautiful hotel room in New York City and I got to bring my puppy, which was really cool. There were some really different, cool shots and a lot of playing around.

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