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Rocky Barnes has quickly become one of fashion industry’s most influential rising stars. With her boho chic meets exotic luxe style, merged with the stunning backdrops of her travels around the world, Rocky is living the life she always dreamed. Rocky’s beautifully charismatic energy, engaging personality and positively humbled honest and open outlook on life, her career path, and what extraordinary things can happen when you dream big, make her not only incredibly successful but one of those girls who you want to befriend instantly. Brands want to be worn on her and girls want to be her, but Rocky proves that even while being a global “it” girl, she’s still as down to earth as ever and looking forward to what’s to come.


Modeliste: How did you begin your modeling career?

Rocky: I started in San Diego when I was scouted by my agent at a local trade show.


Modeliste: What inspired you to create your blog?

Rocky: I’ve always loved fashion and my blog allowed me the space to share my passion projects and travel diary so and work…


Modeliste: How does it feel being one of the biggest Fashion influencers in the world?

Rocky: That’s a big statement… I’m flattered… I think it’s amazing to be able to inspire someone.


Modeliste: Do you still have, “I can’t believe this is my life,” moments?

Rocky: All the time… I try and take it in as much as possible!


Modeliste: Obviously you’re very active on Instagram, do you have any self-imposed rules?

Rocky: Anything goes as long as it’s a good photo…


Modeliste: What are your tips to taking the best selfie?

Rocky:  Lighting is everything! For some reason car selfies always look good…


Modeliste: Do you have any career goals through this next year?

Rocky: This last year has been amazing… Hoping to just keep growing next year! SI is always a dream…


Modeliste: Any fun Holiday plans?

Rocky:  I’ve been traveling a ton, so I am excited to spend some time in LA and explore my new neighborhood!


Modeliste: Holiday gift wish list? Hint Hint.

Rocky: I find experiences are the best gifts… I love a good concert or nature adventure.


Modeliste: How would you describe your personality?

Rocky: I’m a true Scorpio… Passionate, stubborn and hard working. But I also love to drink champagne and dance…


Modeliste: Are there any things you ever feel insecure about?

Rocky: Everyone has their things… I think as a model I would love an extra inch or 2… But you’ve got to rock what you’ve got right?:)


Modeliste: How would you describe this stage of your life?

Rocky: I feel like I’m having a rebirth! I just moved to LA and I’m so excited to be surrounded by so many creative and inspiring people.


Modeliste: What’s your typical beauty look?

Rocky: Natural with a cat eye!


Modeliste: Favorite Lip shade.

Burt’s Bees Chapstick in hibiscus


Modeliste: Signature scent.

Rocky: Stella


Modeliste: Best beauty advice.

Rocky: Coconut oil. Everyday. Everywhere.


Modeliste: How do you get your signature off-duty waves?

Rocky: I use a 1.5 inch curling iron. Just wrap around the barrel… Never clamp. And always curl away from the face!


Modeliste: What handbag are you using right now?

Rocky: Right now I am wearing my Sancia bucket bag. Their designs are the perfect mix of retro and modern!


Modeliste: Style icon.

Rocky: Kate moss, Bianca Jagger, and the Olsen twins


Modeliste: Wardrobe must-have.

Rocky: Tiny bikinis. As swimwear or as everyday bras!


Modeliste: Aside from keys, wallet, cell phone, what 3 things do you always carry with you in your handbag?

Rocky:  I always have the most random stuff in my purse… Boarding passes, Chapstick, snacks because I’m always on the go, but the weirdest thing at the moment is a crystal my friend gave me on a recent trip to Joshua tree.


Modeliste: What book are you reading now?

Rocky: A wild sheep chase by haruki murakami


Modeliste: How do you keep in shape? Health tips?

Rocky: Drink a ton of water and always take the stairs!


Modeliste: What you’re excited to wear this Winter season?

Rocky:  Turtleneck bodysuits


Modeliste: What was your favorite part of the Modeliste Cover shoot?

Rocky: I loved shooting with the horses!


Modeliste:  Next on the bucket list.

Rocky: Going to Turkey!


Modeliste:  Best advice you’ve ever received.

Rocky: Never take anything personally


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