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Model Diaries with Charlotte McKinney



Photographed by Bryce Thompson

How did you begin your career as a model?
From the minute I was brought into this world, I realized I was born to play the role of the wild, attention-seeking younger sister. Jokes aside, from a young age I knew that I loved performing and being in the spotlight…and comedy was a constant in my house growing up. I soon realized high school wasn’t for me and that modeling was my passion. So, I made the journey from Orlando to Miami, and I know it’s a rarity, but I am grateful that my parents trusted my decision to leave school and pursue this career.

At what point did you know you want to act and what was the process of developing your career today?
In the beginning, I used modeling to segue into the entertainment industry. That said, coming from Florida I was removed entirely from the entertainment world so when I arrived in LA I worked hard to make contacts and become familiar with people in the industry.

Where are you from and how does it differ from where you live now?
I’ve always found peace being near the water, so I have found comfort in living in Malibu. I am from Orlando but grew up spending time in the Bahamas and Miami. While both are near the beach, LA and Florida are different. Sometimes I miss the easy living of Florida!

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?
I love comedy. When people meet me, they quickly realize that I am outgoing and love a good joke. The industry can be tough, so I have learned that kindness toward others goes a long way.

What’re you looking forward to most this Fall season?
For me, anytime there is a change of season, I see it as a new beginning, a fresh start, and a reset. I love the change of pace that comes with a new season and love changing over my closet.

Favorite FALL staples for your closet?
Some of my favorites this fall are boots, blazers, and good cashmere. I love when there’s a drop in temperature so I can switch out my miniskirts for longer skirts. I love asking friends in the industry what they are coveting. I’ve become close with Marissa Galante Frank, the Accessories and Beauty Director at Bloomingdale’s, and she always knows the new season must-haves.

3 items you cannot live without?
I think food, water, and sleep…right?

What’s your go-to skincare routine?
My routine varies from time to time. It honestly really depends on how much time I have before I have to get out the door,
but my favorite brands lately have been: Fresh, 111SKIN, Dr. Barbara Sturm, and the occasional red-light therapy. However, the most important part of my routine is sunscreen! I love the sun but I am always super careful about my skin. The real secret to my glow is a great spray tan- this blonde Irish girl needs all the bronze she can get!

Are you working on any upcoming projects you can share?
If I told you I’d have to kill you.

What would you like to say to your fans?
Is anyone out there???

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