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Model Diaries with Sarah Jeffery



Timeless yet on-trend, effortlessly cool yet classic, and perfectly relatable are the words that instantly come to describe singer, actress and all-around It Girl, Sarah Jeffery. Upon meeting her, she conveys an enviable aesthetic that engages everyone in the room. Sarah has continued to make waves in Hollywood with her string of exciting roles as Audrey, the daughter of Princess Aurora in Disney’s Descendants franchise, and the lead role of Maggie Vera on the CW series, Charmed. With her second single, SUFFER, currently out and available on all platforms, Sarah continues to serve as inspiration for girls and women the world over. In celebration of her latest single release, Modeliste had the opportunity to sit down and hear about Sarah’s upcoming projects, how she’s currently spending her days, and what her favorite beauty hacks are. To find out, read on for the full interview.


Where were you born?
I was born in Vancouver B.C!

Where are you currently living?
I currently split my time between Vancouver, where I shoot Charmed, and LA, where I spend my time when I’m not shooting.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Vancouver and LA when you’re not working?
My favorite thing to do in Vancouver is hang out with my family and spend time in nature. I also love skiing during the winter! In LA, I spend a lot of my time having dinners and beach days with my friends. Wherever I am, I always have a book with me.

At what age did you know you wanted to become an actress, and how did you pursue your career?
I only knew I for sure wanted to become an actress once I started actively working. I always had an interest and curiosity towards it, because I love all art forms and I grew up a dancer, but for a career I thought I wanted to be in medicine from a young age. I started auditioning, thinking if I booked a few things, I could pay for med school, but when I booked my first series “Rogue”, I knew it was where I belonged. I’ve always loved entertaining more than anything, so it makes sense.

What has been your favorite project you worked on thus far?
It’s hard to single out one project because they all have had a meaningful impact in one way or another, whether it was because I made a lifelong friend, learned a lesson, or worked with someone I admire. I will say Descendants will always have a huge place in my heart, mostly because of the people and the singing and dancing. However, the most meaningful project I’ve worked on is an indie film I just finished shooting called, Year Of The Fox. I can’t reveal too much, but it’s incredibly close to my heart and was the biggest challenge I’ve had as an actor.

How do you prepare for a big role and/or project?
It definitely depends on the role. Some roles I need to prepare more physically, some roles I do a lot of work to get myself into the emotional state of mind of that character. Spending time sitting with the character before you go to camera is a luxury you’re not always afforded, but is always helpful. One of the things that makes me feel the most prepared is having an open dialogue with the writer and director prior to shooting, and during. Collaboration is really important to me.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Determined, brave, and kind.

In what ways are you similar to your character, Maggie Vera, on Charmed?
Maggie and I share a lot of characteristics. We are both deeply empathetic and loving. I also have three sisters so I know what that kind of bond looks like. I think we are both tapped into a deep place emotionally, but also have a levity to us that I think (and hope) makes us fun to be around.

What does a typical week look like for you?
If I’m on a project, my week is usually pretty simple. Go to work and, if I wrap early, I’ll have a glass of wine and read a little before bed. But a lot of the time I’m too wiped to do anything except get ready for bed and crash. On weekends I try to have a life outside of work, so seeing friends or doing something active and engaging is a priority for me. When I’m not working, my week is full of exercise, organizing my home, seeing friends, reading and watching TV, cooking, and traveling (back before the world got crazy).

Are there any other avenues of your career you would like to explore in the future?
I most definitely would like to write, direct and produce. While being on camera is where I’m most comfortable right now, I do think I would love behind the scenes too. I like getting to see a vision come into fruition.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to have a career like your own?
My best advice is simple but I think it’s pretty sound: work hard and have fun.

Can you tell us about the Cameron Boyce foundation and ways people can become involved?
The Cameron Boyce Foundation seeks to educate people about Epilepsy and to raise money to find a cure, especially to SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy), which is what took Cam’s life. The work they are doing is so beautiful and is really keeping Cam’s legacy alive. They also are raising awareness about gun violence which is something Cam was so very passionate about. I would recommend following them, donating if you can, and absolutely educating yourself about epilepsy and knowing how to help if a loved one ever is diagnosed.

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?
I have a couple new projects coming up. I just released a new single called Suffer, along with a music video for it, which people can catch on my YouTube and stream on all platforms. I just finished shooting a film called Year Of The Fox. I have one other project coming up that I can’t talk about yet, but it should be super fun. I’m excited!

If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?
I think Kristen Stewart always looks mad cool. Her choices for event outfits are always unexpected and really rad. I also have a massive crush on her, I think she’s amazing.

Favorite beauty hack?
I don’t know if this will make sense without an instructional video, but my favorite thing to do is to make my eyeliner super sharp and cat-eye-esque by taking my fingernail along the bottom of a small wing and really quickly dragging it out and up. It usually creates the sleekest, most badass cat eye ever. You could also use a pointed Q-Tip.

Three fall fashion trends you cannot live without?
I could not possibly live without a chunky black boot, a pair of perfectly tailored high waisted trousers in a neutral color, and a simple long black coat. Bonus item, I LIVE for a silk scarf around the neck.

Top 3 songs on your playlist at the moment?
Wolves by Jensen McRae, 115 and 5 Seconds For You by Benjamin Amaru, and Superstar by Yves Tumor. Someone recommended that last song to me on a first date and I’ve not stopped listening to it since.

What was your favorite part of your Modeliste cover shoot?
My favorite part about the shoot was the amazing team. Every single person brought only great vibes and incredible talent.

What would you like to say to your fans?
I want to say thank you for your loyalty and never ending support. I wouldn’t get to do what I do if it weren’t for you all. I also want to say I hope you’re all taking care of yourself and staying safe. Love you big time.

As a social media personality and influencer, in what ways do you hope to inspire people through your platform?
I’ve never considered myself an influencer, but I suppose anyone with a platform and audience is an influencer in one way or another. I really hope to keep things open and honest with my social media. My heart goes out to kids that are growing up with all these distorted visions and ideas of what beauty looks like because of social media, and so I hope to keep it real and remind people it’s okay to be different. It’s more than okay, it’s wonderful. Keeping conversations about mental health going is also so important to me, as I struggle with it myself. Knowing you’re not alone is monumental when dealing with mental illness.

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