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Model Diaries: Zendaya



Model Diaries: The A to Z of Zendaya


Zendaya, at just the age of 19, and having grown up Disney and now in the spotlight with her second season of KC Undercover and a new album on the forefront,  has captured the attention of the fashion world, music industry, and hearts of her fans worldwide. As beautiful and genuine in person, she has become not only an icon in style as we saw her sweep through Paris Fashion Week, but has remained true to herself, unaffected by fame and devoted to keeping it real;  a true Modeliste Girl. Modeliste had the distinct pleasure of having Zendaya grace our cover in a sensational shoot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where Zendaya showed her unequivocal devotion to her fans with endless selfie shares on Twitter, her personal commitment to supporting philanthropic causes, and the fun side of fashion.


Modeliste:  How would you describe your fashion style?

Zendaya: I think the beautiful thing is it can’t be defined lol


Modeliste:  Style icon.

Zendaya: There are so many people I look up to it’s usually people who set their own style and don’t listen to what others say and just do it with such grace and confidence such as Erykah Badu and Solange.


Modeliste: What is something people don’t know about you?

Zendaya: People don’t know that I’m really just kind of boring and a bit of a nerd. I don’t do going out and all that stuff…I’m good with my bed.


Modeliste:  If you could have coffee with one historical figure, who would it be?

Zendaya: Nelson Mandela


Modeliste: What book are you reading now?

Zendaya: Long Walk to Freedom


Modeliste: Most played song on your iTunes.

Zendaya: Liquor by Chris Brown


Modeliste:  Barbie has just released a new doll modeled after you. Is this somewhat of a childhood dream and is there a message behind it? Why was this important to you?

Zendaya: Actually, it wasn’t a childhood thing for me because I never was able to connect with Barbie. So when they approached me about this opportunity I wanted to find out what plans they had for diversity. And when I went to visit their offices I found out that they are really making some great changes and I wanted to be a part of it.  I want my little nieces to have Barbies that look like them.


Modeliste: What’s your favorite fashion trend of all time?

Zendaya:  I don’t believe in trends, what’s good today isn’t good tomorrow and what was great yesterday isn’t today…so just make up your own trends.


Modeliste:  Favorite lip shade.

Zendaya: I have every color there is and it really depends on what I’m wearing but I love a good nude.


Modeliste:   Favorite designer to wear.

Zendaya: The one that makes clothes…LMAO.


Modeliste:  What place that you haven’t traveled to yet would you want to visit in your lifetime and why?

Zendaya: My grandfather who passed away many years ago told me about Florence Italy and it was his favorite place to go. So it’s one of the places that I must visit in my lifetime.


Modeliste:  What is your ultimate fashion must-have this season?

Zendaya: No such thing people…wear what you want!


Modeliste:  Signature scent.

Zendaya: I go through phases where I wear all one fragrance  and then I change to another so a few years ago as crazy as it sounds Justin Bieber’s perfume was amazing. Then I went through a phase where I wore only Tom Ford. So it just depends on what phase I’m in!


Modeliste:  Current handbag

Zendaya:  handbags are phases for me too just like perfume. Right now it’s Vivienne Westwood- LOL.


Modeliste:  Your house is on fire and you can only grab one makeup item. What is it?

Zendaya:  Aquaphor is a life saver.


Modeliste:  What is your holy grail style tip?

Zendaya: Be in love with yourself first.


Modeliste:   Ultimate beauty boost?

Zendaya: A great moisturizer.


Modeliste:   We read that you are the new face of CHI hair! What is your favorite look for a night out?

Zendaya:  I like to wear my hair natural and so that’s one reason why I really like their products.


Modeliste:  What would you consider to be your “life’s theme song”?

Zendaya: Anything Michael Jackson.


Modeliste:  How do you stay fit? Health tips?

Zendaya: Honestly, I’m lucky that I still have a teenage metabolism. I know  that will change and I will have to become more fit and work out but for now I’m taking advantage of it!


Modeliste:  What was your favorite garment from the photo shoot?

Zendaya:  There were so many beautiful pieces I really love the red lace cover-up which was a dress but we used it as a cover-up…gotta keep it classy.


Modeliste:  Tell us about your time on location for the Photoshoot in Puerto Vallarta. Favorite spots? Must-see’s?  Souvenirs? Funniest moment on set?

Zendaya:  I had a wonderful time! My little cousin was able to come with me so one of my favorite moments was when we turned the camera on her. She’s very shy and had to be convinced but once we got the camera going she really loved it and the photographer took amazing pictures of her. we had a great time going to the flea market area and buying gifts for friends and family  back home. I also had a great time meeting my fans who were waiting for me every day without fail in front of the hotel. They were so sweet brought me flowers and candy and signs I felt very loved. Oh and the food was bomb!


Modeliste:  while in Puerto Vallarta you visited a non-profit orchestra program that helped underprivileged children learn music, an instrument and social and leadership skills- what was that like? Why was it important to you to go there? How has the philanthropy you’ve done changed you as a person?

Zendaya:  The arts and school have been important to me for the longest time especially because I went to an arts school in Oakland. I know that young people like myself need something positive to consume their free time with. So it was wonderful to see the program and hear the music. The children were so talented and I admire the people who are running this program. I try to do as much as I can towards philanthropic programs. My ultimate goal is just to be a philanthropist when I am older and done with what I want to accomplish. I believe in giving back.


Modeliste:  How do you connect with your fans on social media?

Zendaya:  My fans know me on social media because I sit on my phone and read through their feeds. I am addicted to scrolling through my screen and I see what people write and what they say and so I feel connected to them and I will randomly reply or retweet so they know that I am reading and I care about them.


Modeliste: If you could say something right now to your fans, what would it be?

Zendaya:  I would just tell them how much I appreciate their support. They are so insightful and they are honestly so motivating and they crack me up on a daily basis.


Modeliste:  Do you have a nickname?

Zendaya:   I have so many nicknames LOL from Zenzen to Zendoozy to Daya


Modeliste:   What’s next for you? Upcoming projects?

Zendaya: i’m finishing up my music which will be my second album I am co producing on my Disney show which we just started the second season and it’s going amazingly  well and working on my shoe line and developing that season after season is going to be an ongoing project


Modeliste: Best advice you’ve ever received.

Zendaya: A quote that was told to me, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no one. ” Shakespeare


Modeliste: Why you love Modeliste.

Zendaya: you guys took such great care of me and my family and the magazine is super cute so it’s cool to be a part of it!


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