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Self-Care #STAYATHOME Virtual Getaway

How do you spend the first thirty minutes of your day?
I’m not really a morning person so I need that moment only for me. First of all, I have my morning beauty routine and after that, I prepare myself a green tea and later a coffee. And then, I’m a person 😉

What is your everyday skincare routine?
Every morning I wash my face and I hydrate it with my H2O Skin Drink from Pixi. At night, the routine is more intensive: I carefully wash my face, some days I exfoliate it and then I use a serum, night cream and eye cream.

What have you been doing to incorporate “self-care” into your time at home?
I have been exercising every morning and sometimes also in the afternoon and I ordered a led lights mask that leaves my skin glowing and renovated as when I go to the beauty center.

Where do you get your beauty products?
I order most of them online and also I’m very lucky because a lot of brands that I love are sending their beauty products for me to try them at home. That’s one of the coolest points of my job as an Influencer!

How often do you try new products?
I receive new products every week but I prefer to finish the ones I’m using at the moment and then I’ll try the new arrivals.

What qualities do you look for in skincare?
I love using products that are mainly made with natural ingredients. And of course, I look for the specific results I’m looking for in that product.

What are three beauty products you cannot live without?
Sunscreen (now I’m using Derma E Sun Defense Mineral Oil Free Sunscreen), bronze powder and lip balm.

Give us a 5 minute skincare/makeup strategy for your next Zoom meeting or date.
Carefully wash your face alternating cold and hot water to activate blood circulation. Then use a facial toner. Use a specific serum according to your skin needs. Next, use your daily cream and eye cream. When all the products have been absorbed, apply sunscreen. Your skin is ready for a simple but perfect make up: foundation if you need it, some bronze powder and blush, a bit of highlighter, mascara and lip balm. Your skin will be radiant.

What are your tips and tricks to keeping healthy, clear skin?
Just following my morning and night routine and protecting it from the sun. I also love facial massages.

Do you have any other beauty hacks you can share with us?
Eat your greens, baby. Eating healthy is the key to having perfect skin.

Can you share a recipe with us that you enjoy making at home?
Sure! I love making oats pancakes. You just need oatmeal, 1 banana, oat milk and some butter. You will mix the oatmeal, oat milk and the banana and then heat the pan, add a little bit of butter and add some quantity of the mix into it. Spread the mixture creating a circle, using a spoon, leave for half a minute and turn it around. Leave for another half minute. Ready to serve! Add some toppings such as red fruits, grated coconut and a bit of agave syrup.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
Puff sleeves! I love tops, dresses… everything with them.

Who are your top three favorite designers?
Pierpaolo Piccioli (creative director of Maison Valentino), Isabel Marant and always and forever the talented Karl Lagerfeld.

What are three staple pieces in your closet you cannot live without?
Jeans, a cool sweater and a maxi dress.

What advice do you have for keeping organized while staying busy?
Write everything down in your agenda and try to accomplish every point for that day. But if at the end of the day you couldn’t, don’t blame yourself. Just pass the remaining points to the next day. And always have in mind the top priorities for each day.

Are you working on any exciting projects this year?
Yeah! Some of them have been cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus but fortunately we are working on some cool new projects that I can’t wait to share with everyone!

Where do you live and what do you enjoy spending most of your time doing?
I live between Spain and the USA. Now I’m in Madrid but hopefully I will be in LA for a few months.

How did you start your career as an influencer?
It all started in 2010 when I created my fashion blog and later the brands started contacting me for collaborations, then arrived Instagram… in my case, everything was so natural. When I started, the word Influencer didn’t exist and nowadays I still prefer to call myself content creator.

How do you develop inspiration and ideas for the great content you create?
I’m a very observant and curious person so I receive inspiration from everything and everywhere, from magazines, to social media of course but also from the streets from my travels…

How do you stay up to date with new fashion trends and beauty hacks?
I think social media helps a lot. Now we have all the new information very fast. And magazines such as Modeliste are amazing because you guys know how to incorporate social media trends into paper. And as I’m all day using my phone and computer, I love having some moments to read in paper. I truly enjoy a lot doing it.

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