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Modeliste Social Stars – Racquel Natasha



Racquel Natasha’s jet-setting lifestyle takes her around the globe—one day she’s posting from the Hamptons, and the next she’s sitting poolside in the Dominican Republic—but no matter where she goes, she brings a lot of her sleek and sexy style with her.


In 3 words: describe your blog.
Simple yet playful.

What makes your blog and social channels a go-to for all fashion and beauty- savvy girls.
I would have to say my vibrant powerful images, they are extremely easy to navigate and I try to make my images as powerful as can be!

3 favorite fashion trends for Fall you’re most looking forward to.
Statement furs, velvet, and silk.

Favorite App on your phone.

Most played song on itunes.
Drake – One Dance

Favorite way to end the day.
Face mask and hot ginger tea!

Favorite travel spot.
Europe in the summer time!

What is your current indulgence?
Seaweed snacks!

What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects we can be on the lookout for?
Hamptons, bahamas, guess, express and hopefully fashion week! keep a look out!

What did you love most about the Modeliste trip to the Dominican Republic?
The crystal clear blue beach and finally some moments of relaxation!




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