Beauty Box | January24th, 2016

Nailed It: Kiesque



Unique, innovative and a major beauty game changer, Kiesque is revolutionary in DYI nail manis and pedis.  Apply, polish and peel your way to flawless nails, giving way to a perfectly manicured look every time.  


Kiesque’s LIQUID PALISADE™ Easy-Peel Polish Barrier is designed to keep your cuticles free from polish when brushing on traditional manis or nail art designs. It’s a liquid tape designed for your nails with a quick-drying formula and wide brush for instant application to cuticles.


Simple to use for those on-the-go mani moments, flawless touch ups, and in-between appointment polish changes.


No more mess, no more need for intermittent nail polish remover sessions to clean off over zealous painting and polish bleeding around the edges.  It’s no wonder Kiesque has instantly become a cult favorite!


How to Use:


1.  Apply product liberally to the skin around your nails and let dry completely.

     2. Shape if necessary with manicure stick.

     3. Apply nail polish.

     4. Before polish is dry, peel back a corner of the Liquid      Palisade barrier with tweezers and pull the product away from cuticles in one slow motion to reveal a polish-free cuticle.





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