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From the soaring snow capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, lush grasslands teaming with wildlife, to pristine coastlines and sun-drenched beaches, Kenya is a bountiful blend of majestic wonder, relaxation and extraordinary adventure.

Natural World Safaris provides an authentic insight,  easy accessibility, intimate wildlife encounters and a luxurious journey to this spellbinding country and its most significant sites natural and cultural wonders. With a speciality in experiential travel, from Discovery and Luxury Group Journeys to Family, Private and Custom Designed adventures, Natural World Safaris brings insider access and luxury to every safari adventure.

With Natural World Safaris, alongside the country’s finest guides, I caught the eye of God sunset over Mt. Kilimanjaro as the clouds parted and revealed the sun.

We traversed  Amboseli National Park with its rich abundance of wildlife at base of Mt. Kilimanjaro making for excellent game viewing opportunities; lions perched with their gaze set attentively as the impalas glide by.

I experienced Tsavo West National Park, an idyllic spot to explore its vast monkey population and postcard perfect photo-ops of giraffes eating off acacia trees, and journeyed  to Tsavo East, the oldest national park in Kenya, famous for its extraordinary elephant encounters.

Our final stop on our Kenyan journey was to the Island of Lamu.

Just off the northern coast of Kenya lies the little known island archipelago of Lamu, steeped in history and offering an opportunity for the adventurous traveler to experience with authenticity the timeless wonder of the ancient Swahili culture. The stone town of Lamu is a World Heritage Site founded centuries ago by Arab traders. Steeped in the past, Lamu captures the mystique of the maze-like narrow alley ways, winding through corridors of whitewashed coral stone walls two feet thick, with wooden doors sheltering lush courtyards, the domain of women and children. The waterfront bustles with activity as the traditional dhows mix with small motorboats and the ferry from the mainland and smaller islands.
Donkeys are the only transportation on Lamu, claiming the right away, crowding pedestrians and laden with everything from vegetables to bricks, even crates of Cokes. Young boys coax their less than eager rides into a trot along the broad waterfront. Vendors call from bustling storefronts, veiled women cluster, gossiping, shopping, and walking children to and from school. In the center, a town square is the hub of men each afternoon, sitting focused on traditional games of Mancala and Carrom, a version of finger pool originating in India or Egypt eons ago.
The beauty of the archipelago attracts those seeking pristine beach getaways, sunshine and cooling breezes, boat tours with local guides, fishing tours, snorkeling and diving.

Natural World Safaris aims to give you understanding of Kenya’s deep cultural roots while offering an incredible array of destinations and customized journeys designed to discover Kenya’s breathtaking beauty and alluring unique natural heritage sites.

With its signature blend of luxury, comfort and service at every step of your journey, Natural World Safaris is the ultimate value and personalization for African Safaris.



The Sarova Panafric is designed to represent the African renaissance through its vibrant and colorful African style. The hotel is located amidst beautifully landscaped gardens in a quiet suburb of Nairobi just a 5 minute drive to the city center.

sarova panafric hotel

OL TUKAI LODGE – Amboseli National Park

Renowned as one of the best spots in the world to view elephants and lions with the regal backdrop of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Ol Tukai is an Eco-rated lodge named after a type of acacia tree on the savannah. With a unique collection of African art, the lodge hosts beautiful, spacious and luxurious rooms.  Don’t miss the unique and elaborate bush dining experience, champagne buffet, as well as guided bird watching tours.

ol tukai lodge 2


​Located in the land of the lions and lava, basking in the glory of Mount Kilimanjaro and sheltered by the volcanic wonder of the Chylulu Hills, this tranquil property  perfectly tended gardens and grounds built with natural stone.

Overlooking its own water hole, the lodge is transformed into an idyllic wildlife viewing sanctuary with daily visitors of elephants, buffalos and antelope.

The property’s grand dining room overlooks the waterhole as optimal vista for up close wildlife watching, or choose to immerse yourself in viewing from luxury of your room or the expanse of the beautiful surrounding terraces.

All the spacious ensuite rooms have their own verandas and are carefully appointed for optimal comfort and relaxation. The lodge offers numerous game drives, guided walks, bush breakfasts, volcano climbs and trips to Mzima Springs, a set of crystal-clear ponds, fed by the melt waters of Mount Kilimanjaro, in which the many hippos can be viewed.

kilaguni lodge


With a perfect location,  just 2 hours from the coast of Mombasa and 5 hours from Nairobi, the Ashnil Aruba Lodge is a peaceful and luxurious retreat built exquisitely for optimal game viewing.

The new owners restored and renovated the property 5 years ago and planted 6000 species of trees to bring shade, comfort and beauty to the grassy savannah of east Tsavo National Park. Several watering holes nearby attract wildlife particularly giraffes and elephants.

Activities include wildlife lectures, sundowners, guided nature walks and driving safaris to nearby game viewing parks.

As a special gift,  the property invites guests to take part in a tree planting ceremony which will provide a long lasting memory and your footprint forever in Africa.

ashnil aruba lodge


This beautiful resort, a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury and in a more quiet and secluded part of the city, provides a warm and welcoming experience for all guests.

Designed in a traditional African style, the round bungalows are equipped to harmoniously blend natural elements and decor for ultimate comfort and alluring tranquility.

With 2 swimming pools set amidst a lush palm grove, you can lounge poolside or immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Severin Hotel offers cultural and historical excursions, safaris to their sister property’s Severin Safari Camp, and endless water sports and recreational activities.

The Severin Hotel’s commitment to community since its inception, focuses on staff training and engages in numerous community based projects including a trade school for maintenance and hospitality employees and environmental projects including water recycling project and beach cleanups.

severin hotel mombassa


The historic hotel of Petley’s Inn overlooks the waterfront, and is only a short walk to the historical and cultural museum, the Stone School, markets, and the sister Palace Hotel. Petley’s Inn is warm and welcoming, clean and comfortable, with a lovely verandah for people watching and relaxing. With only eleven guest rooms, it houses a restaurant and the only bar and nightlife on the island, a small pool and terrace for sunning and relaxation. Its sister hotel, the Lamu Palace, provides additional dining and amenities for Petley’s guests. The management is professional and provides friendly service and knowledgeable guides to insure your greatest enjoyment. Lamu is a gem and and a truly unforgettable experience.


Kiboko Bay Lodge, meaning, Hippo Lodge, gets its name from the nightly visit of local hippos from Lake Victoria.  This luxury tent lodging embraces the safari adventures but provided an exclusive and comfortable atmosphere for even the most discerning of travelers.

A Perfect gateway to the Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru, this luxury abode offers a tranquil setting to absorb the surrounding nature, wildlife, birds, unspoilt wetlands and mangrove forests, and glowing red sunsets.

The charming rooms, excellent food and service, lovely lakeside pool and surrounding lush gardens make Kiboko Bay Lodge  a peaceful  lake side setting for all travelers to enjoy and cherish.





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