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Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Porto Heli



Porto Heli, Greece

Whisked away to the renowned Nikki Beach Resort & Spa in Porto Heli, we are treated to a tantalizing view of the Peloponnese landscape, from sundrenched hills sheltering distant picturesque villages, to pristine beaches dotted by colorful umbrellas, shores caressed by sparkling Mediterranean waters skimmed by billowing white sails, so beautiful and inviting.

We are greeted with signature Greek hospitality inviting us into the inspired spacious lobby, a tribute to the concept of casual elegance. Opening to the terrace which captures panoramic views extending across the property and beyond, the aesthetic of Five Star Nikki Beach Resort and Spa represents the distinctive global brand with sleek contemporary design, a seductive ambience of blissful relaxation in a dream setting, and the perfection of indulgent amenities to enhance each stay, with a selection of the spacious 66 premier guest rooms and suites designed for the optimal boutique retreat experience.

There is a divine ease of settling into the luxurious comfort of the generous suite, airy and bright with natural light and sleek white furnishings, sumptuous sleep and seating areas, complementary soft tones of sandy beige with splashes of blue and natural wood accents elegantly integrated into the soothing design. Enticing amenities include indoor and outdoor showers, entertainment walls, personalized mini bar, plunge pools or Jacuzzis, balcony, patio, or private terrace, each furnished for comfort creating a zone of peace and tranquility.

To further embrace the magical serenity, the Nikki Spa offers enticing body treatments including the signature ancient Greek massage known to engage the ancient healthful philosophy of Hippocrates connecting the body, mind, and spirit. Choose a beachside massage, one of two private treatment rooms, or a couple’s cabin.

Dining at Nikki Beach begins with breakfast delights at Cafe Nikki. We recommend lunch and cocktails at the Beach Club and, to complete the day, fine dining with renowned international cuisine at Qurio Restaurant offering a wide range of specialties from appetizers to desserts, with main courses and sides to satisfy every palate. The Qurio Restaurant menu, conceptualized by the renowned entrepreneur Apostolos Trastelis and executed by Michelin Star awarded Chef Arnaud Bignon, provides an under-the-stars sensory experience at a beautiful rooftop establishment. In-room dining is a popular option for a romantic evening for two.

Besides the beach in front of the resort, the breathtaking infinity pool provides dazzling sunset viewing and an infinite vista of the Mediterranean’s Argolic Gulf. Drift away in dreamy bliss under an umbrella on your beach lounger or sheltered private cabana. Experience a foray into the idyllic Nikki Beach Club world of music, entertainment, and casual dining, with ventures into the world of fashion, art and film. Expect playful sophistication, creative cocktails, and a casual vibe designed to follow the beat and enhance your Nikki Beach Resort stay. Immersed in glam and signature luxury, the party vibe prevails with a DJ to enliven the spirit of your Greek holiday.

Romance under the stars holds a special enchantment in Greece. The heavens encompass a panoramic mythology, a realm where gods and goddesses dramatically populate the skies telling stories illustrated by timeless constellations, the zodiac mysteries first revealed eons ago. Possibilities abound with endless wonders to discover and explore. Every destination in Greece reminds us this is where Western civilization began and where tourists from across the world discover its legacies. Greece, where we walk in the footsteps of the ancients, sages and philosophers, traders and invaders, artists and builders, and discover awe-inspiring iconic treasures of the past.

Guests find the allure of the Peloponnese region undeniable, the Greek Riviera, uncrowded beaches, natural beauty, and a history beginning with the advent of the earliest man. Here you can begin the day by walking through the ancient Mycenae Lions Gate arch, and later marvel at the beautiful iconography found in Byzantine churches. Tread lightly through ruins of temples and agora markets. Encounter amazing architectural feats and historic sites across timelines. Greece has profoundly inspired the world since 3000 BC, proffering an opulence of antiquities, objects d’art, an enduring cultural gift of democracy, literature, theater, music, sports, the Olympics, and so much more.

Unforgettable excursions and explorations begin with the Nikki Beach concierge staff. A Modeliste highlight – a water taxi ride to the nearby beautiful island of Spetses where refined boutique luxury coexists with a proud traditional culture, where fishing boats and yachts, fashionistas and beach seekers find a quaint paradise.

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