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Oliva Jordan Modeliste Influencer Getaway to Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos



Olivia Jordan has had many successes in her career holding titles such as,  Miss USA 2015 and Sports Illustrated Model of 2019. As a model of over fifteen years, actress, TV host, and professional speaker Olivia has obtained a lot of experience in the industry and continues to use her voice to spread the knowledge she has developed over time. Olivia is smart, authentically herself, and a true influence on todays society.

Olivia Jordan

Ryan Chua

Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

How would you describe your personal brand?
I was very honored that our fabulous photographer, Ryan Chua, described my brand as “effortless”. Well that is the goal- although sometimes it takes more effort than I’d like to admit to appear “effortless”!

What are three words that describe you?
Optimistic, loving, and vulnerable.

What inspired you to become an influencer and what is now your favorite part of being one now?
I have been modeling now for over 15 years. I got into social media because I saw the modeling work going that way and I didn’t want to miss out on work opportunities. I never anticipated that I would be able to genuinely connect with people through this medium and that has been a surprise and delight. I don’t think I would still be here if it was just to share my modeling portfolio. I love to share my heart and connect with the many people on this platform open to doing the same.

How would you describe your stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos?
ALL INCLUSIVE. It has been so fun to prance around without a purse or even a wallet and be able to take advantage of the most delectable omelette’s each morning and spicy margaritas by the pool in the afternoon.

What were you looking forward to most when coming onto this trip?
I had never been to Cabo before this trip so I was looking forward to seeing why so many people choose it as their vacation destination.

What was your favorite part about the trip?
I loved the boat tour with Cabo Adventures. We got to sail along the shore past the iconic Love Beach and the Love Rock and have a relaxing day diving in and paddle boarding around the cove. Seeing Wales swimming along the coast alongside was the unexpected icing on the cake.

What would you say is your spirit animal and why?
I have always felt connected to dolphins. I love that they laugh and play and jump so freely. I hope I can get as much enjoyment out of life as dolphins seem to get out of every day.

What is something you learned about Cabo during your stay?
I had no idea that California meant “hot oven”. We had an incredible tour guide on our way to Todo Santos that knew all the fun facts and history of Baja California and I loved learning a bit of what made Cabo such a tourist destination and a respite for artists from all over the world.

What is something you always travel with?
I always travel with my Chamomile tea. I love to have a hot cup of tea before bed and make sure to always pack it in my carry-on so I am ready.

Do you have a beauty ritual?
My beauty ritual is sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen. I spent my teens in tanning beds and saw the effects of sun exposure and wrinkles sneak in by 20! I did a major skin care overhaul and made daily Zinc sunscreen the core part of my morning skincare routine (no matter if I plan to be outside or not). I reapply often when I spend a lot of time in the sun and brought 3 different hats, a sun shirt, and sunglasses for full protection on this trip.

What is your favorite fashion trend at the moment?
High waisted everything. As a long torso girl I have lived my whole life with the bottom part of my stomach popping out from too short tops. I am obsessed with high waisted denim and leggings. I think they are so flattering on everyone and I keep hoping this is one trend that will stand the test of time.

How do you stay up to date with beauty, fashion brands, and trends?
I don’t often keep up with brands and trends. I try to lean into what feels right. One of my favorite dresses I brought on this trip is 10 years old! I think its important to buy pieces that I LOVE and keep finding new ways to wear them through the years. Trends change too quickly to keep up with and anytime I am dressed in something that makes me feel good- I feel like I shine my brightest.

What is your favorite accessory to wear daily?
I wear a simple dainty pearl necklace from Iconery that I am obsessed with. It is delicate and looks lovely alone or layered with other pieces. My newest favorite accessory is my wedding band. I opted for a no-brand simple gold band that I could wear anywhere and everywhere. When I am on trips and on jobs I leave my diamond ring behind for safety, so I love that I never have to take off my band or worry about drawing too much attention.

What is something you would like to say to your fans?
I am grateful that you all keep sticking with me! I have been through many different life chapters over the past 7 years of being on Instagram and I am so lucky that many of you stuck with me through all the ups and downs of my career and life. Thank you for growing up with me and allowing me to evolve into the person I am meant to be.

Are you working on any exciting projects?
I am writing more these days. I hope to have something to announce in that space in the near future; but for now, hopefully people are starting to see more of my voice come through in my captions.

What goal do you want to fulfill this year?
I would love to give a Ted talk. It has been on my heart for some time to share my survivor story and I hope that magic comes together so that I may give hope to the many women and men survivors of sexual assault that are still struggling down the long and winding path to healing.

3 things you’d like to check off on your Bucket List.
1.) Skydiving
2.) Traveling to Greece.
3.) Publishing a book.

Where do you wish to travel next?
I think London is next up for me and my husband, Jay. Jay is from London and we have yet to visit his family in the summer. I would love to go spend time with his loved ones and explore a little bit of England in the warmer months.

What advice would you give to someone who is going to Cabo for their first time?
Bring a jacket or sweater for the cooler nights.

What inspired you to work with Modeliste Magazine?
This is my second trip with Modeliste Magazine and I came back because I had such a great time with the people on the last trip. This adventure exceeded any expectations as it was such a beautiful group and a much needed reunion with my longtime friend and former roommate, Nadia. I am so lucky that our lives keep bringing us together in these magical ways and we had the best time getting to know the women behind the magazine- Amy and Kaila, and all the other’s that showed up for this adventure.

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