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Olivia Jordan



Photographed by Brett Erickson
Hair and makeup by Joey Maalouf

Powerful and seductive, feminine and effortlessly glamorous, this season isn’t about one look, it’s about channeling the playful allure of art and beauty.  Hair and Makeup Artist Joey Maalouf gives the perfect inspiration to update your look this season.

1-We’ve seen various versions of “beach waves”, for Olivia’s hair we wanted it to look as if she dived into the ocean and her hair had partially dried. We applied flexible hold gel from the roots to the ends and sectioned the hair into four section and braided each section leaving an inch of the ends out.

2-Once braided, run the blow-dry over each braid until the gel is dry. Next undo the braids and shake out with your finger tips. Then spray sugar spray towards the ends for added shine and texture.

3-For the makeup we went full glam using purple shimmer shadow around the entire eye matched with a bright pink lip to offset the “undone-ness” of the hair.

1-Monochromatic glam is making its way into spring 18. On this look we used a bronze shade that worked really well on Olivia and really brought out the beautiful blue in her eyes. We used a warm, medium , matte brown all over the entire eye. We applied it from the lash-line to the brow bone and wrapped it around to the bottom lash-line.

2-On the skin we used a similar shade (to the shadow) matte bronzer and contoured the cheekbone and did a touch more than usual, to have it stand out to give it that 90’s supermodel flair.

3-To finish the look we applied a metallic bronze lip glass that balances out the overall look.

1-Pink eye makeup is a huge trend for 2018. A fresh way to use this out of the box shade is to add an eye-gloss to the center of the eyelid for added dimension. I then also lined the top and bottom waterline using a chocolate-y eyeliner to frame the eyes and make them a touch more dramatic.

2-We kept Olivia’s skin clean and almost bare to allow the eye makeup to shine, literally!

3-To balance the look we used a glossy pink shade in the same color family as the eye-makeup, which makes the overall look softer.


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