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Pass the Love Notes



By Beatriz Zimmermann

February rolls around and like clockwork our thoughts turn to love – yes, Valentine’s Day is here to remind us of that ultimate state of being and feeling. No surprise that thoughts also turn to fragrance since just like love itself, fragrance offers complex and intangible pleasures. But let’s consider all the ways and reasons to celebrate love well beyond the month of February, shall we? Love comes in many forms – not to mention self-love. Here are a few fragrant ideas to keep the love vibe going all year long.

Parfums de Marly
Delina La Rosée

This might just be the perfect romance in a bottle. The rose notes here are just budding with the promise of a full lavish bloom – much like that first flirty stage in the love dance. A dewy, watery peony-rose scent with notes of lychee, pear and white musk, this hard to resist scent already claims legions of devotees. Add the curvy oh-so-pretty pink bottle wrapped in French savoir faire and it’s a total love story.

Mixed Emotions

Let’s face it, love is a roller coaster, as is life. Byredo smartly embraces the highs and lows with this intriguing blend that mingles blackcurrant, violet leaves, birch wood notes and clean papyrus. Less touchy feely and more cerebral chic, this is a fragrant statement that considers a range of emotion and says yes to them all.


Boy Smells
Flor de la Virgen

Genderful is a beautiful thing and it was Boy Smells that made us smile when they first coined the term. In this age of fluid, all-embracing celebration of who we are and how we choose to identify, of course we want a boundless fragrance that joyously plays with the possibilities and invites everyone to let loose. Sounds like true love to us. We can’t get enough of Flor de la Virgen, a bright unisex floral with notes of saffron, fig leaf, jasmine petals and sheer musk.


Jasmin Attar Absolu

When only what’s lavish will do, we suggest any one of the exquisite creations from LilaNur. Born in India and crafted in Grasse, LilaNur offers a sumptuous celebration of India’s rich olfactive heritage and majestic florals. The result? Epic fragrances that will absolutely make you swoon. Choose one of the attar fragrances inspired by traditional Indian perfume oils. Luxurious and long-lasting when glossed on the skin, this is exactly what you want for a worship-me vibe. The Jasmin Attar Absolu is to die for.

Missing Person

In case you missed it, this instant sensation of a scent went viral last year with endless speculation about the intriguing name and plenty of teary reactions at first-spritz. An emotional trigger for sure, this scent managed to conjure up lost loves or just that sweet pang of missing the one you love. Like all fragrance, it’s personal but this one with notes of skin musk, bergamot nectar and sheer jasmine managed to also create a clean canvas for others to project their innermost feelings. Complex and surprising, this is the fragrance we’ve been missing – until now.

Dirty Vanilla

Gourmand scents are always a treat but Heretic turns the idea of sweet thrills on its head with this grown up vanilla that’s equal parts sensuous and self-loving. With notes of cedar, Ho wood, sandalwood and vetiver together with a clean approach that taps natural ingredients, this checks the box for good, clean fun and a scent that cuddles up to your nice and naughty side.

Map of the Heart
Black Heart

Romantic but always the realist? Aussie brand, Map of the Heart might be the perfect match. First, there’s the show-stopping bottle. A departure from the classic heart shape we know well, here’s a more accurate anatomical depiction of that organ that gets so much attention. Perhaps not as pretty – but pretty striking, for sure. Choose from a collection of heart-held fragrances, each in a stunning color and offering an equally compelling fragrance. We love Black Heart for its smoky, mysterious scent that lives up to the name. Sensual and surreal with notes of Brazilian orange, cardamom and smoky woods, this is a potent love story for the most daring among us.

Scents of Wood
Plum in Cognac

For those who crave a deeper, woodier experience, a whole world of inspiration awaits from Scents of Wood, a new name in niche that’s already celebrated for its stunning collection and singular point of view. Each fragrance explores a different facet of woodiness, opening up a secret landscape of emotion and sensorial highs. Their unique technique using organic alcohol that’s aged in rich wood barrels only adds to the artful attraction of these fragrances. Try Plum in Cognac with notes of caramel, tobacco, cinnamon and dark plum which already boasts a cult following. If you can get your hands on it you’ll understand why.

Régimes des Fleur
Leather Petals

What if flowers were made of leather? This high-concept fragrance answers that intriguing and rather poetic question. We happen to think poetry is a good thing for the soul – and the scent. Régime des Fleur draws inspiration from nature and history and captivates us with Leather Petals and its opposites attract name. This artsy concoction of bitters, woods, herbs and flowers mingled with a luxurious leather base makes the heart beat faster.

Green Spell

Vintage anything will always convey two things – style and substance. Eris Parfum – a striking brand that embodies an ultra-alluring vintage vibe serves up a shot of fragrance sorcery with its creation, Green Spell. Yes, it’s intoxicatingly green with notes of Italian mandarin, galbanum. violet leaf absolute, vetiver and musk to conjure a hyper-real Spring time – only more magical.
An absolute stunner of a fragrance, this is not your typical spring romance.




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