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Raas Jodhpur



The Mughal architecture captivates, none more than the Mehrangarh Fort magically lit in the darkness suspended above the city of Jodhpur. Viewed in awe of its majesty from below at the beautiful Raas Jodhpur hotel, it rules from its imposing rocky promontory. Located next to an ancient stepwell, Raas is an idyllic treasure that enhances the wonder of the city’s charm. This boutique hotel with 39 rooms is a gem hidden in a garden wonder. Dining under the stars with candlelight bathing the terrace, you are transported to a magical kingdom. The cuisine blends traditional and modern, Indian and western, fragrant and tantalizing with savory and sweet. Delectable and satisfying, dining at the Raas was superb.

The architecture of this amazing structure in the context of the ancient walled city of Jodhpur is a feat of loving respect for the old and its ability to meet modern luxury. Materials and workmanship have captured the beauty of the original historic structures of Jodhpur sandstone and incorporated design elements with authenticity. The shuttered windows which shelter the privacy balconies are made of traditional sandstone latticework or jali. When opened, they display the full panorama of the Fort and resemble Mughal jharokhas often used for royal thrones. When closed, they create privacy while still allowing cool air to circulate and inviting speckled natural mood lighting to shelter the luxurious spacious rooms with king-sized bed, sitting area, writing desk, flat screen TV, wifi, and beautifully appointed bath with glassed-in shower and soaking tub. Aaah.

The large central courtyard houses the three restored heritage buildings, the lovely boutique shop and spa. The indoor and terrace dining are adjacent to the pool with cabana lounges facing the cliffs of Mehrangarh. Rudyard Kipling described the Fort as “the creation of angels, fairies, and giants.” He may have also used those words to describe Raas Jodhpur.

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