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Ritz Paris



Paris, France

L’art de vivre’
Paris, the City of Lights, the City of Romance, of love, of beauty, of elegance and chic. The Parisian mystique of opulence is timeless, cascading over bridges and boulevards, through the Paris of the arts, renowned for its design and architecture, its historic landmarks, museums, and gardens and, quite importantly, spectacular food and unrivaled shopping. Uniquely the signature of Paris, the splendor is palpable, permeating the atmosphere along with the incomparable and inescapable glitter and glitz.

Gracing the city with its majestic elegance and grandeur is the iconic 5 Star hotel, Ritz Paris, a lasting symbol and presence whose name is synonymous with all that is beautiful, stylish and fashionable, recognized as the exemplar of the highest standard of elegance in luxury, and excellence in dining and service. From the regal lobby of the Ritz Paris to the extravagant guest rooms and famed suites named for former guests, to the highly celebrated restaurants and bars, the opulence and beauty and majesty of Louis XIV design and decor overtakes you, inspiring awe and appreciation of each detail impeccably curated to capture an historic past representing a gilded age of crystal and gold.

The Grand Dame that has been known as the magnificent Ritz Paris for over a century has a palatial history that has borne witness to eras of revolution, wars, and occupation, housed royalty of the distant past to the present, kings and queens, emperors, presidents, prime ministers, dignitaries and dictators, authors and artists, the rich, famous, and infamous of their time. Always a vision of elegance, she has endured some expensive extensive restorations over her many years, and facelifts that have ensured her dazzling beauty remains unequaled in the realm of the Lartisien Collection of Grand Luxury Hotels. While her history is monumental, she is ever a lady of her times, modern and sophisticated with 21st century technologies and conveniences, eternally styled in luxuriant French couture.

Dining at Ritz Paris is exceptional in every aspect of preparation and presentation, setting and taste sensations, an odyssey of culinary panache, from breakfasts to inspire your day to romantic evenings with nuanced cocktails, extraordinary French wines, and superlative multi-course indulgences.

Impressive dining experiences define every visit and stay at The Ritz Paris. The well-appointed Bar Hemingway is an essential pilgrimage for lovers of literature and unparalleled spirits. Salon Proust evokes the Paris of the 20’s with rich woods, centerpiece fireplace, book-lined walls, and period artwork to inspire great ideas while enjoying French teatime. Bar Vendôme is the pinnacle of an elite Parisian gathering place, a French brasserie where dining is appreciated. A setting which magically transforms its outdoor courtyard setting with Belle Epoque sliding glass roof with sun filled days and moonlit nights. The new Ritz Bar offers a stylish ambience with an exciting array of cocktails and wines to complement a variety of small plates and evenings of music.

The ultimate indulgence beckons from its showcase entrance on Rue Cambon, Ritz Paris Le Comptoir, domain of award-winning pastry chef Francois Perret. Here his splendorous pastries and confections are artfully created, tantalizing the taste buds with a profusion of wonders magically orchestrated from butter and cream and sugar and chocolate. Freshest berries and fruits for exquisite tarts and pies, divine sweet cakes and Madeleines to melt your heart, the creations are sensations.

Suite Vendôme

Suite Coco Chanel

The storied past of each guest room and suite of Ritz Paris, the mischief and drama, intrigue and romance, spies and seductions, can fill volumes, and actually has. In fact and fiction, famed novels and plays and movies, Ritz Paris has played a starring role, notably, in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. The superlative of “If only walls could talk,” is amplified by fame and fortune, socialites and stars, where each guest has become a part of its lore and legends.

Each Ritz Paris guestroom and suite presents a unique experience in design, decor, and period furnishings that transport guests across its palatial history while providing ultimate modern comforts. The Prestige Suites encompass an extraordinary world of elegance and luxury, exemplified by the famed Suite Coco Chanel. One day in 1937, Coco Chanel came to the Ritz Paris and stayed for 34 years, transforming her 2-bedroom suite with her extravagant furnishings, artwork, and personal decor that remains and mesmerizes all who chose this amazing experience. The largest of the Prestige Suites, Suite Impériale, is listed in the National Registry, its regal features including a replica of Marie Antoinette’s bed in the Versailles Palace and other Louis XIV period furnishings. ‘Majestic and magnificent’ are the most used adjectives describing each of these unique suites from the Windsor, Chopin, Maria Callas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Vendome. A picture is worth a thousand words – each room a masterpiece.

Every aspect of Ritz Paris possesses a luxurious elegance that equals its history and the sophisticated expectations of its clientele. The Ritz Club and Spa is no exception. Inspired by the baths of ancient Greece and Rome, the swimming pool is the stunning anchor of this exceptional health club and spa. A magical luxury sanctuary, beautifully designed to create a space to relax, energize, and achieve harmony for hotel guests and Parisian members alike. The exemplary staff provides a full menu of restorative spa treatments, fully reconcepted just this year, including massage, facial, and skin care, and the Ritz boasts a health club facility offering 18,000 sq. ft. of state of the art exercise equipment staffed with trainers to guide and support.

The Ritz Paris occupies its premier location, the 1st arrondissement Place Vendome, a splendid plaza of identical palaces designed in 1702 to honor the reign of Louis XIV. In this rarefied atmosphere, guests access an experience that encompasses the true essence of history, local culture, gastronomy, the artists and artisans that are the soul of each destination. At Ritz Paris this experience in travel is the signature passion and realization of the Lartisien brothers’ Grand Hotel Collection philosophy.

Suite Impériale


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