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Rohet Garh



Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The Thar Desert of Rajasthan is best known for its major city of Jodhpur. Tourists are drawn to this area of northern India for its phenomenal art and architecture, preeminent cultural offerings of the Marwar and Mughal dynasties in its castles, palaces, and temples.  The desert calls to tourists seeking adventure travel, a tranquil getaway, an encounter with indigenous village life, unequaled stargazing, or possibly just an escape from the often overwhelming crowds and tourists in the cities.  In Rohet Wilderness Camp, the Singh family host a deluxe camp of 7 spacious cottage style tents for the  traveler eager to step into the desert wilderness for a unique experience without relinquishing the modern conveniences of a huge comfortable bed, stylish furnishings in polished teak with saffron and crimson accents, locally woven rugs, a flush toilet, hot water shower, high end amenities including royal blue dressing gowns and Rohet Garh toiletries. The crafted writing desk will inspire you to fill pages of your travel journal in leisure.

Nutritious eating begins with breakfast served buffet style, picnic lunches, high tea, snacks and gourmet dining. Relish the blazing colors of sunset on the raised deck with your favorite beer or cocktail and an array of delightful appetizers. Dining in luxury in breathtaking starlight overwhelms with the magnitude of stars revealed in the night sky. Wishes on “falling stars” magically streaking across the heavens are certain to come true.

Plan your excursions to meet your need for solitude or romantic adventure. Ride in Marwar style on horseback, camelback or 4 wheel drive luxury. Experience the ultimate in stillness disturbed only by a lonely bird’s call, the desert breeze rustling across the camp behind sandstone ramparts, the snigger of the horses, or a rush of antelope stirring the sands. Your senses are awakened and alert, observant and aware.  Your visit to the indigenous villages in the remote desert are an opportunity to experience diverse cultural experiences. As a guest of Rohet Wilderness Camp, Mihir Garh, and Rohet Garh, you are a partner in the tourism sponsored projects of the Singh family. Modeliste Magazine Mode for Meaning is delighted to highlight the initiatives for health and education for these village communities your stay assists in funding.  The crafts and textiles produced by generations of local artisans are the highlight of the decor of the Singh properties and contribute to the economic vitality of the villages. An opportunity to watch the families gathered to weave their distinctive rugs or carve native woods is memorable and enlightening. Eye Camps, Medical Camps providing treatments including surgeries in partnership with the Rotary Club, and school development are supported by the tourism partnership promoted by the Singh family. Guest contributions to the Village Welfare Fund are welcomed with gratitude.  The desert wilderness experience at Rohet Wilderness Camp promises a unique time of relaxation and reflection, exploration and connection. It is truly unforgettable.

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