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The Shoe You Need Now: Philippe Model Paris




You’ve never seen anything like these super stunning, eclectically chic shoes. Philippe Model Paris is the name to know and has a long list of celebrity fans from Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker to Sharon Stone and Rita Ora. With Art nouveau- inspired designs their unique innovation focuses primarily on luxury, comfort and style, Philippe Model has become one of the most coveted shoe for every woman’s wardrobe; a stylish staple where no detail is too decadent. It’s time to lace up your sexy flats and step into the the new season with these eye catching pairs you will want to slip into now.


The innovation brought to Paris by French designer Philippe Model in the Eighties meets with the eclectic and visionary talent of Paolo Gambato, the designer who has been creative director at this fashion brand since 2008. Here, the classic tradition enjoys the enhancement of Italian craftsmanship in the concept of the iconic and sophisticated Elastique line and in the famous daytime footwear bearing the hand-stitched shield as its hallmark of quality and “sartorial” luxury.
For Philippe Model, inspiration may lie concealed anywhere. So every detail is to be seen and interpreted with extreme sensibility and respect. A vision characterized by abstract scenarios and urban architectures is not without sincere affection for materials, inherited in its purest form and modeled by artisanal expertise in line with the values and traditions of its country of origin. This complex labour of research is accompanied by the irresistible pull of art in an intimate and experimental sphere in which individual genius is constantly interacting with innovation.


Modeliste: What was the greatest influence behind the line’s creation?
Philippe Model was able to elevate the traditional concept of a gym shoe by using high-end materials that were previously reserved for exclusive products or special occasions. Experimentation with noble materials, combined with a fluid aesthetic and increasingly rare craft techniques, gives the urban avant-garde an extraordinarily genuine and unconventional product. Made with meticulous care in Italy.


Modeliste: Which design elements are the most important to you?
From the cutting of the hides to the manual construction of the sole, every single detail plays its part in transforming a Philippe Model shoe into a marriage of comfort and design. The small differences between one shoe and another should be seen as the end result of manual procedures that cannot be reduced to aseptic industrial production and standardization of style. Variety of expressive idioms and concepts generates harmonies and distortions, possibilities and pleasing risks. Apparent contrasts in form and mode of use allow each of the collections to address the market with its own expressive charge and high degrees of personalization.


Modeliste: What makes Philippe Model shoes so unique?
Every model is the fruit of instinct and unconventional content. Freedom in the creative phase is backed up by rigorous analysis of each product, whose wearability must be in line with precise parameters to achieve the highest levels of comfort. Superb craftsmanship, impeccable materials and technological innovation are brought to bear on every item of footwear to produce genuine richness and a sharp focus on everything involving beauty and experimentation.


Modeliste: Best Sellers.
Classic sneakers are the iconic daytime shoes bearing the hand-stitched shield on the side as their hallmark of Italian handmade tradition and “sartorial” luxury. Of the new Spring Summer 2016 models, Classic Lakers represents the new generation Philippe Model. Inspired by that basic concept, it brings innovation to the sole (double) and the materials, which are in tenuous colours. Volume is generous but not at the expense of the aesthetic, thus maintaining a functional design with a light touch.


Modeliste: What are the biggest shoe trends for Spring/ Summer 2016?
The Spring Summer 2016 collection was inspired by distant lands, travelling far and wide on dusty, sun-scorched roads where the primary colours of the earth blend with nature’s more vibrant nuances, to create fringes, openwork suedes and animalier details. Alongside the traditional Classic and Tropez lines, the creations in the Spring Summer 2016 collection celebrate the potency of colour in a number of glitter and camouflage versions featuring a palette that roams from neutral tones to metallic glints, from animalier patchwork to layered materials producing an openwork effect.


Modeliste: Tell us about the latest collection?
The Philippe Model collection for Fall Winter 2016/17 senses the intimate bedrock of normality in classic and delicate nuances against which it sets the metallic richness of gold and silver, symbolizing a forceful and emotive aesthetic. In both these stylistic choices, the shoe’s athletic spirit is modulated in favour of increasingly refined urban geometries in which creativity becomes a tangible presence.


Modeliste: Spring Must-Haves.
The Philippe Model Strip shoes are a tribute to Paris and introduce a new sport-luxe concept applied to the world of sneakers and is an expression of an urban, minimalist-leaning culture that employs simple and immediate language to communicate emotional messages in contemporary atmospheres. With the Lakers 70’s inspired basketball shoes, Philippe Model takes a journey into the past reconstructed with innovations from the present thanks to the use of top quality leathers and unconventional techniques.

The polkadot Tropez reflects the creativity of this multifaceted shoe. It’s a chic, feminine alternative with metallic textures to go with daytime outfits combining sophistication and total comfort. The azure of the sporty chic nylon fabric is delicate, while the eye-catching silver polka dot laminated suede instils a sense of dynamism.


Modeliste: What’s next for the line
Noah is a new shoe for Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection that opts for an eye-catching upper in hammered leather – which also covers the handmade midsole – and a contrasting serrated white outsole.

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