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Social Star Spotlight: Nadine Abdel Aziz



Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp
Photographed by Logan Hill

Nadine Abdel Aziz

How did you become a blogger/ social media Influencer?
I started modelling since i was 17 so i always loved fashion and being up to date to everything and i always loved taking pictures of myself wearing different styles. I opened an instagram account after i graduated from university and i started posting the pictures on my account. Months later, i got a call from a producer asking me if i wanna shoot with my 2 sisters the first reality show in the middle east. We filmed the first season and it was aired on tv and on youtube. Since then, my work was all on social media, from events attendance to collaborations , photoshoots..

What inspires you to make your posts everyday?
What inspires is my followers who love my style. Also, social media is my income so i do my best to always post new pictures and travel to new destinations.

 How would you describe your feed in 3 words?
Fun, colorful and stylish

Describe your favorite “fan” experience.
My favorite fan experience was when we chose a young girl during our reality show to spend a day with me and my sisters and have a great time all together.

How do you interact and engage with your audience?
I always reply to the comments and I answer most of my direct messages. Sometimes I add the ‘ask me a question ‘ option on my instagram story and I answer all their questions.

Tell us about your time in Kenya. What did you love most about the Getaway?
I have traveled to so many places and I have to say..Kenya is by far my favorite! The best wildlife viewing area in Africa..It’s like having front row seats to the filming of National Geographic! Wildlife can be seen in many parts of Africa but if you want to experience a life-changing journey, Cottar’s is the answer! Everywhere the eye touched was beauty..I felt like I was in Heaven! I came here for the wildlife but I will definitely come back because of the People! I wish every human being was as humble, as kind, as respectful and as simple as everyone I met here! From the owner to the guides, the butlers, the chefs, the housekeepers…

Kenya is really and truly one of the most wonderful destinations in the world! It’s refreshing to live outside the box so to speak…Kenya was on top of my bucket list and Modeliste Magazine made this unforgettable journey come to reality! I will miss everything and everyone here! Gone to come back !

Describe the Cottars 1920’s Safari Camp where you stayed. What was your favorite part and what made it such a unique and memorable experience?
The Safari camp was like a home. I felt like i was living with a family in a house for 4 nights. Everyone was so nice and humble. The best part was the cozy living room next to the chimney where me and the influencers used to gather and talk about different things. Also, best part was the dining table eating all these amazing organic meals together. Not to mention the view I had in my room and waking up to this view erases all the worries in life.

What did you enjoy most about Hemingways Nairobi?
I enjoyed in the Hemingways the cozy suite with the amazing balcony an view and mostly the outdoor area where I had lunch. I think the burger I had was one of the best I tried.

What is something you have taken away from your travels in Africa?
Beauty of nature and wild animals, and compassion for the Maasai Mara people.

What is something on your bucket list that you would love to accomplish in the next 5 years?
 I would love within 5 years to have visited all the countries i have never visited yet and also to be married and have a family and have my own business .

Describe a typical day off for you- how do you like to spend your free time?
I usually spend my free time with the family and especially with my sisters and our brother in law. We go lunches and dinners together or have dinner and watch a movie at home.

What is your favorite late-night treat?
My favorite late night treat would definitely be a crepes with nutella and banana. It is my addiction but i only allow myself to only have it once a week.

What is your travel skincare regimen?
My travel skincare regimen is an oil free sunblock; i always use sunblock during the day before applying makeup. A cleanser for day and night, a daily moisturizer and a face mask that i use twice a week. All my products are oil free.

What Pixi lipstick shades do you tend to gravitate to?
‘Au Naturelle ‘ is my favorite lipstick since I’m a fan of light natural matte colors for the lips.

What are you most looking forward to with Spring Beauty trends?
I’m looking forward to the oversized hats, puffed shoulders, neon and sequins.

What are some of your current favorite fashion trends?
My current favorite trends are the cycling shorts, see through plastic coats , mixed prints and zebra print.

What is your current style of sunglasses that you have been wearing?
I always like to wear big sunglasses. I am actually obsessed with glasses. I have over 100 pair of glasses.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?
My sisters and I had a great project in mind that we will finally execute within this year hopefully! It is related to fashion but cannot give more details.

What do you love most about our Mode Around the Globe Getaways?
What I love the most is how they gather influencers from around the world and get them to experience some of the best tropical destinations that everyone dreams of visiting!  They sure did remove Kenya from my top bucket list and I am excited for many more getaways with them!


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