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Style Spotlight: HoYeon Jung



Written by Camille Bavera

The embodiment of fun, funky, and a flair for south Korean streetstyle is pulled together in one tall, lanky global superstar, Hoyeon Jung, currently at the pinnacle of her career with recent Netflix phenom Squid Game. Although most of the world is just beginning to see her, most recently with her cover of US VOGUE, it’s not the first time we’ve been told to watch out for her. VOGUE actually caught up with her almost seven years ago in 2015 when her modeling career was just beginning to gain speed and VOGUE Korea for their November 2021 issue. Before that, she was a finalist on KNTM’s fourth season in 2013.

Flash forward to 2022 when the train has more than left the station and we are all obsessed. It’s great to see the homage icons like Jung as well as other K-stars like the BLACKPINK girls pay to their heritage in fashion. All are brand ambassadors for YSL, LV, or other major LVMH labels, but consistently rely on their background to craft their own honed aesthetics, now copied by armies and players alike, and frankly, we can only stand.

Here are some examples of Jung’s flair for streetwear that only emphasize why everyone is clamoring to take her picture. First lets talk hair. If you’ve just come into contact with this girl on fire, you wouldn’t know her hair has been ON FIRE for quite some time, and the red hair used to be her trademark.

Street Style
HoYeon wears her hoodies, jeans, docs and chunky sneakers with a good side of nonchalance. Her style is simple yet colorful, oversized yet accentuates her figure, and all worn with a smolder and a smile.



She’s a bit of a chameleon:
Although her roughly the 111 million people who know her with a little dirt on her nose and choppy bangs, those 24 mill that follow her Insta account know she can play dress up with the best of them. Being a LV global ambassador has its perks – as do the countless editorial features where HMU creativity abounds.

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