Summer of Nails



By Mackinley Hill

Summer is officially upon us and it’s bringing along a makeover for the classic manicure. With people craving simpler times after a hard year, you’ll see bold statement nails more than ever before. This summer’s nail trends are all about putting a twist on the classics. Adding bold colors to your favorite French manicure or an outlandish gel design. This new and fun outlook on nails is bound to make you want to express yourself!

There’s always been a need for a good set of nails, but this summer has shown a new wave of nail obsession. From Kylie Jenner to Billie Elish, you’ll be seeing them mark their style with a striking manicure. This is the time to let go of the old and welcome the new. Harsh lines, vibrant colors, loud graphics, designer logos, are all sure to spark some inspiration. Dramatic and lively nails are the newest accessory for street wear.

1. The Bold French Tip @nailcocktail

2. The Double French Line @Koba_nails_studio

3. Graffiti Nails @anouskaanastasia

4. Logo Lover @elize_nails

5. The Not So Matching @rsbnails

6. Finger Flames @anouskaanastasia

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