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Sun Worshipper Getting the ultimate faux glow for summer



Getting the ultimate faux glow for Summer

“Sun” Worshipping
Nothing speaks of summer youth more than a great tan! Unfortunately, sun worshipping has its consequences. Modeliste has you covered with the best steps for a perfect sunless tan with the best faux tanners on the market to radiate that sun goddess summer glow!

Follow these easy steps to achieve a long lasting, even and natural looking tan.

1. Similar to a sun tan, you need to create a base. Creating a base will ensure your tan lasts longer. Depending on how pale your skin is you may need to visit your airbrush spray tan studio 2-3 times within a 7 day period. Opt for an airbrush spray tan performed by a professional rather than one performed by a machine. Look for an airbrush studio that uses Vita Liberata, Lavish, or Xen Tan solutions. These are your organic choices and are the most revolutionary and the best on the market ensuring your tan is a beautiful brown, not a typical orange.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin ensuring the tanning solution will go on evenly. Our favorite exfoliating scrub is Xen Tan Fresh Prep Scrub. This scrub is packed full of biodegrade beads and adjusts to your skins natural Ph without leaving an oil residue allowing for an even, long lasting tan.

3. The day of your airbrush appointment do not put any lotion or perfume on. These act as a barrier preventing the tanning solution from fully penetrating resulting in an uneven tan and a faster fade.

4. One hour after your airbrush spray tan, begin your hydration routine. Keeping your skin well hydrated will prolong the life of your tan. There are two ways to maintain optimal hydration. Hydrate from within by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Try adding 4 oz of Aloe Vera juice to your diet.

Hydrate externally by using a moisturizer throughout the day such as Tan Towel On the Glow Self-Tanning Body Moisturizer. Not only does this product moisturize with Jojoba, Olive and Avacado oils, it also acts as a self-tanning daily body moisturizer which develops a sun-kissed glow for a year-round radiance.

5. Once you have created a base your spray tan regimen can be once every 10 – 14 days. For at home touch- ups use a self tanner. Tan Towel Tan To-Go Towelettes are easy to use and fool proof. Perfect to stash away on vacation too.

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