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Sungai Jungle Villas




Bali is an island of hidden treasures, where jungle forests conceal the most wondrous surprises. The ultimate treasure is waiting to be discovered, a place of beauty, serenity, and luxurious indulgence, an intimate secluded retreat which embraces guests in a unique experience of welcome and personalized attentive service. Sungai Jungle Villas is this magical hidden treasure, its presence perfectly concealed within a profusion of palms and frangipani trees descending down the forested hillside. High above, a local Hindu temple overlooks the valley, lending a sacredness to the setting.

The Five Star pampering begins with your chauffeured drive past Bali’s picturesque farms and the deep verdant green rice paddies, a world only minutes away from the exciting beach scene of Canggu and Seminyak but a window on the heart of Bali and the lovely village where Sungai Jungle Villas is revealed. The staff welcomes us as family with delightful refreshments and appetizers, our introduction an awakening to the culinary experience that lies ahead and the moment we enter the stunning realm which will become our holiday home.

Our villa was a dream, even the stunning photos could not have prepared us for the beauty of the open living space nestled in the lush natural surrounds, the stunning pool and terrace, and the luxurious suites. The soothing palette throughout each of the two Sungai Jungle Villas, the harmonious intersection of indoor and outdoor settings, every aspect has been designed for the ultimate in Five Star comfort and relaxation, inspiring life connections and an invitation for fun and fanciful time spent together, for conversation and contemplation, for romantic interludes, family time, or a gathering of friends. The villas are works of art, the materials chosen represent the spiritual essence of natural elements, from roof to flooring, from furnishings to distinctive local works of artists and artisans. The stone, native woods, water features, natural fibers, even indoor and outdoor showers and tubs, are bound with a reverence for nature and the environment.

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