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By Joey Thao

1) SHOP VINTAGE – Some of my best finds are either from vintage or thrift stores and won’t cost you too much. Take the extra time and DIG!

2) DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEND ON A GREAT FIND – If you find a great piece that you know you will get multiple uses out of, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on it. I realized it’s worth the extra cash for quality, style, and overall appeal.

3) ACCESSORIES SEAL THE DEAL – For me a look is brought to the next level when you add your favorite jewelry, accessories, and belts to finalize your look. Don’t be afraid to play with the combinations you can create.

4) ALL ABOUT THE TUCK & CUFF – Sometimes a simple tuck of your shirt or cuff in your jeans will enhance your look for your body type. Take the extra time to smooth out your tucks as well as pulling your tuck to the back to slim out your midsection. A cuff to your sleeve will enhance your arms and a tuck to your favorite denim will sometime help lengthen you to make you look taller.

5) TOP IT OFF – I know everyday isn’t a good hair day, for me when I have a bad hair day I always add a black leather hat or a wide brim hat to take attention off the craziness on top. The choices are endless!

6) LET’S PLAY DRESS UP – Ways I find a look is by what i’m inspired by or who I wanna be that day. Don’t be afraid to embody a look from head to toe. Find your theme such as Glam, Boho, Goth, or Sleek and run with it. Think of who you are going to be and be it, Dress up is all in fun.

7) LAYER IT UP – Something I always enjoy is layering my clothing. I always love to throw on a jacket or sweater to enhance a look. You can even layer several rings or necklaces to give the look a different vibe.

8) CLEAN IS CLEAN – Basics always win, Don’t be afraid to keep a look strong and clean with The Minimalist approach. I always love a plain tee with jeans, simple is always effective.

9) SHOE GAME – Invest in shoes that can go with several looks. People always tend to stare at your feet, make sure you have some shoes that can show off your #SHOEGAME. My favorites are sleek black boot, a pair of Nike’s, or detailed dress shoe. Some things that can amp your shoe game is shoe accessory, find some chains, straps, and cool laces to pick up a look.

10) C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E – The number one secret for me is Confidence. Confidence goes far and makes people believe in your look. Even if you know your look isn’t all that, you can trick everyone by owning your look. Confidence in your clothing is Sexy, Stylish, and Commanding!

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