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The Nose Knows: BIONOVA



Nose-to-Mouth Treatment Product in N1-CUSTOM™ Line


When it comes to aging, the mouth area is the busiest and often the area that we tend to neglect most when it comes to our skincare routine. The delicate skin in the nose to mouth region broadcasts our laughter, emotions, sun damage, stress, and the effects of the elements and our surroundings has taken over the years —which means we’ve got to take every precaution when treating the area. The tricky part is choosing the right product to treat. The biggest issue that heavy moisturizers, especially in sensitive areas such as this, can cause is leaving skin greasy, and then that grease clogs pores leaving you with more of a problem than you started with. (Ugh.) For answers, we looked to BIONOVA whose innovative, scientific  and customized approach to skincare has become super popular because it does just the opposite, by leaving the skin visibly smooth, plump while reducing the signs of aging.  

Why BIONOVA’s Nose-to Mouth Treatment:


1. It’s packed with the good stuff.

Utilizing proprietary technologies, BIONOVA is using especially developed NANO-COMPLEXES™.  Each NANO-COMPLEX™ contains from 80 to 100 bioactive ingredients which come in the same tiny quantities (Nano and Pico) as found in a Human Body. This technological approach allows the skin to recognize, absorbs and metabolize ingredients it needs to restore broken communication links between (within) cells. BIONOVA’s healthy approach supports the body’s natural ability to self-restore not to interfere with body’s natural processes. It’s nature’s protective, nourishing superfood for your skin.


2. It will hydrate even the driest skin.

If you’re on the market for an intense moisturizer, look no further than BIONOVA. Not only does it seal in moisture, but is also protects skin from free radicals and other damaging effects from the outside environment (i.e. pollution).

3.  No droop here.

With a continued use, the product restores the skin elasticity and firmness; helps eliminate drooping mouth corners. Overall, secures the skin healthy functioning.


4. It’s an anti-ager 

The result of using this product is smoother, softer skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles while protecting your skin’s elasticity.

5. It’s made just for you!


The Nose-to-Mouth treatment product is available in N1-CUSTOM™ line. This is the most precise and individually customized approach that exists on the market.

The doctor’s at BIONOVA designed a specific questionnaire that takes into consideration Gender, Age Group, Skin Condition, Personal Profile and more. Based on your answers, a unique, customized formula is created. This formula is so personal that chances of formula repetition are 1 in 60 million!  The personalization factor plays an important role and brings the efficacy of product on the highest, not possible before level.

This line is available in N1 Custom and ‘bn science’ lines only.

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