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The Ultimate Outdoor Furniture Inspiration. OASIQ



Your new favorite hangout is just outside of your door.

As sunny days and warm Summer nights approach, it’s the perfect time to give your outdoor space some love. Whether you have a spacious terrace or the charm of a cozy patio, you’re sure to find inspiration in these chic outdoor pieces. Create the ultimate daytime retreat or celebrate the Summer solstice with dinner under the stars. OASIQ has cultivated the best pieces of outdoor furniture, whether you’re a city-dweller, country-lover, modernist, or traditionalist. From large statement pieces to subtle touches, the world renowned designers at OASIQ tell us how to bring the comforts (and style) of the inside out. Below, we sat down with the creative visionaries behind the brand and this is what we learned.

In the manmade world, everything has been designed somewhere and by someone, we at OASIQ like to design thoughtfully, responsibly and intelligently for our customers and their family. OASIQ is interested in producing furniture that is not a throw away, that will grow with them and can add each piece into their collection as the customer see fit. Our furniture is purposefully designed and caters to the young at heart, the seat height varies for customer’s ease of mobility and playful elements such as the Hamilton Rocking Horse is the cornerstone of our inclusive design philosophy. It’s simple. We love watching people take pleasure in our furniture in the great outdoors or the indoors.

OASIQ is passionate about enriching people’s experience of outdoor living. We believe that an appealing outdoor setting, crafted with attention to detail, contributes to people’s feeling of well-being. By creating beautiful and unique outdoor furniture that reflects the simple elegance of nature’s own creations, we hope to inspire you to join us on our journey of inspiration. A journey to discover the way outdoor living is meant to be: Inspired by nature. Crafted for people

Mark Gabertas: OASIQ has a design philosophy that references mid-century typologies in a gentle and subtle way, while still being truly modern.

Gijs Papavoine: Because various designers design the OASIQ collections, you get a nice mix of styles, which makes the OASIQ collection interesting and actual.

Where does the name ‘Oasiq’ originate from?
: We want to create a perfect OASIS for all our user with Quality products!


Quality is in our DNA. OASIQ’s roots can be traced back to a long tradition of craftsmanship in fine leather, sturdy metal parts and weatherproof textiles for equestrian sports. This makes us especially qualified to meet the high demands made on outdoor furniture. The state-of-the art materials we use are guaranteed to endure the elements, as well as to meet the high standards of comfort and flexibility modern life sets.

What makes the OASIQ outdoor furniture designs so unique and innovative?
OASIQ outdoor furniture connects people to the beauty of their surroundings. The simple elegance of nature’s own creations is always the source of our inspiration. Luckily for us, nature’s secret was unlocked centuries ago. The beauty of the spiral pattern created by a sunflower’s central cluster of florets is expressed by the golden ratio. This ratio holds the key to shapes that are pleasant to behold and is the bedrock of our approach.What inspired you to primarily focus on outdoor furniture?
The market for outdoor furniture has seen the most rapid change over the past few years as more brands launch new designs to meet the demand of an increasingly design literate consumer who wishes their outdoors to be as sophisticated as their indoors.

Gijs Papavoine: The thought of translating indoor to outdoor was an exciting source of inspiration.

Can you walk us through the process of creating one of your designs
OASIQ: Inspired by vintage designs that have endured for decades by winning people’s hearts, OASIQ outdoor furniture has a distinctive yet versatile style. Our journey in search of new ideas has led to original creations that combine modern design insights and high-tech materials with skilled craftwork. We love to work with designers who share our vision of creativity and our ambition to exceed people’s expectations. OASIQ finds inspiration in nature to craft outdoor furniture for people. Behind the scenes are the people whose skills and dedication help to achieve our vision at factory level. They form the backbone of our company.

Our factory in Thailand has been specialized in the manufacturing of materials for outdoor use since 2001. Every aspect of production is handled by specialists in their field of expertise. The cutting of the steel and aluminum parts, the molding and joining of the teak components, the hand polishing and powder coating, the quality control at every stage – every step is carried out in-house.

OASIQ relies on the skills of people who pay meticulous attention to detail to create the top-quality furniture discerning customers expect. Traditional working methods that rely on craftsmanship, such as hand weaving, are used side by side with state-of-the-art modern technology to produce outdoor furniture that is both sturdy and perfectly finished. Personal attention is given to every piece of furniture before final approval.

What do you love most about designing outdoor furniture?

Mark Gabertas: There is always an opportunity to create something that breaks a mould.

Gijs Papavoine: outdoor furniture may have a super relaxed appearance. You can make the models a bit oversized, so that they get their own identity together again

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

Mark Gabertas: The brief was for a range of seating for outdoor use primarily, but which also had an aesthetic that would work for interior spaces and to demonstrate the skills of the brand in traditional manufacturing techniques, weaving being one of them. The pattern used on Sandur is technically demanding and also original to us…. by combining different rope patterns, weave and frame colours.

When I was young, I would play a game called cat’s cradle whereby two people would make patterns with a single loop of string and pass them to each other. What proved interesting during the development of Sandur was the ability of the weave to follow a different profile than might be expected from the form of the frame itself and to create an independent 3-dimensional shape within the skeletal steel structure. This gave us more freedom to allow the frame to express itself and take on a character of its own. It is the nature and degree of the interdependence between frame and weave that fascinated and inspired us in this project.

The name of the range was chosen carefully to reflect the essence of the design. A sandur is a naturally occurring geological feature……it is used to describe a plain made up of glacial deposits and sediments that can often incorporate distinctive patterns created by the braid like streams threading across them.

In your perspective, how does furniture influence a home?
Mark Gabertas: It has the ability to give a home its soul and to lift the spirits….to create mini environments and landscapes within a larger space that make you feel like it is a special place to exist.

Gijs Papavoine:
furniture is a reflection of your own personality. To create a good and right atmosphere, you have to surround yourself with characterful furniture, where you feel comfortable.

What elements go into designing an outdoor patio space?

Mark Gabertas: Imagination, restraint and inspiration naturally…… but most of all a real understanding of how you wish to use the space and how you wish to feel when in it.
Gijs Papavoine: for an outdoor patio, it seems necessary to me to create a space for relaxing and a place for lunch and / or dinner in the shade. Bringing an indoor atmosphere to the outdoors.

What are your favorite collections within the line?
OASIQ: Coco, Maro, Sandur and Skagen.

What are your must-have pieces for Summer?
OASIQ: Maro sectional, sandur, skagen and coco dining chairs.


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