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The Tip Off. How to get a flawless DYI Mani



Fashion-foward you manis and pedis. Kiesque brings us versatility, ease and functionality all in one to get the hottest and most playful nail trends of the season. From prints and geometric designs to classic french and hip black or colored tips, Kiesque inspires our springtime manicures and is Modeliste’s #1 ultimate beauty accessory fix.

Kiesque 1

Kiesque – Beauty with Brains is an emerging beauty brand focused on solving everyday beauty problems. Our first product is Liquid Palisade which solves the problem of messy manicures.


Simply apply the fast drying liquid around your cuticles to protect from nail polish stains before you polish and peel away after to reveal polish free cuticles. Liquid Palisade French is our second product which also acts as a barrier during polishing and allows you to “tape-in” for a crisp French manicure. Apply before polishing and peel away after for a clean French manicure or half moon. We are gearing up to launch Liquid Palisade Art, which will work similarly but with a different applicator tip. LP Art will allow you to draw a design on your nail with the precision of a pen. Once the design is dry and you have polished over the design, simply peel away the dried Liquid Palisade to reveal the first nail polish color in your design.

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LP and LP French can be found in several Sephora stores in the USA and Canada as well as online at and other like e-retailers. Look for Kiesque to be sold in all USA & Canadian Sephora stores that have Beauty on the Fly this Spring.



Unique & Innovative

Liquid Palisade is the original and process patented #liquidnailtape designed to help create the perfect manicure.


Kiesque Creator and Founder, Jacqueline Smith tells us the inspiration behind our favorite nail find. “I was walking thru my house one day when the concept fell from heaven…all of a sudden I had a solution to a problem I always had and knew it was a solution many people would appreciate!”


Tips for applying the product and using it properly to ensure the best results:

Liquid Palisade has a short thick brush for quick application and Liquid Palisade French has a long thin brush for precision. Avoid manicure messes by preparing your nails with Liquid Palisade before applying nail polish. Trace around your cuticles to block polish from staining your skin, tape-in for a flawless French Tip or create custom nail art designs by masking between layers of polish. For best results, use tweezers to pull and discard the gel-like liquid nail tape before your polish dries.


Rules to beauty.

Be Authentic. Love Others. Beauty from the Inside Out.


Best advice you’ve ever received.

– Be the change you want to see.


Celebrity fans of the line?

Katie Couric


Bragging Rights

Space NK and Sephora carry Kiesque as well as the wonderful media reception.


Evolving the brand

Concentrate on true beauty problems and figuring out how to solve them.


Style Icon.

My mom. :-))


Must-haves products

 I adore Living proof. products. My fav right now is their new line called Perfect hair Day. I love the shampoo and the 5 in 1 styling treatment.


Life’s Theme Song.    


Kiesque 2



Top 3 makeup bag essentials.

Eyelash curler – Shiseido, Under eye concealer by Cover Girl, Clinique Long Last Glosswear (lip gloss) in Whisper


What do you love most about the beauty industry?

The beauty industry can inspire people’s creativity.


New Year’s resolution

To be the role model to others that I would want to follow myself.


What’s next for the line? What can we be on the lookout for?

Liquid Palisade Nail Art


Why you love Modeliste Magazine.

The vision behind Modeliste and the founders passion to give back to the behind the scene artists.



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