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The Ultimate No Knife Beauty Secrets


Forget going under the knife for a younger, healthier, slimmer you! These days, there are a number of procedures for your body that can restore a more youthful appearance without the need to cut and stitch. Now that skincare treatments from places like love + roots exist, there’s less of a reason to go under the knife as you can keep youthful from these treatments. These state of the art non-surgical procedures are performed without the need of general anesthesia, and have zero to minimal down time. Technology has improved tremendously allowing for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that deliver quicker, sometimes immediate results, and minimizing the risk of serious complications.

Mirror, Mirror on My Wall

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Compared to surgery, there are more options available for products and techniques which gives the provider almost endless customization. By far, the most popular and one of the easiest ways to achieve a younger looking you is with injectables.

A lunch break facial rejuvenation can be easily achieved by combining dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin A injections for a more youthful and renewed YOU. Dermal fillers (such as Restylane Silk®, Restylane-L®, and Restylane Lyft®) are a quick way to get almost instant improvement on deep facial wrinkles, skin folds, add volume and fullness to the skin. Botulinum toxin A injection therapy is one of the quickest, most popular treatments for preventing lines from forming and making those you already have less visible. Dysport® (pronounced DIS-port) is a form of botulinum toxin A. In most cases, it takes effect quicker and lasts longer than other popular brands of muscle relaxers. From frown lines, forehead wrinkles, to crow’s feet, it can give you a refreshed look.

Jowls or a double chin can be easily improved by using a combination of injections to destroy fatty pockets and radio-frequency heat to lift and tighten. Injections such as the kybella procedure are placed directly into the submental fat pocket to rapidly destroy fat cells. Forma fractional thermal contraction treatments are excellent for giving your skin a tighter and lifted appearance by stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity.

Safe Treatments for Today’s Lifestyle

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Balancing professional and family life, women and men are busier than ever. With busy work schedules, kid’s activities, and limited vacation time, taking the necessary few weeks off to recovery after plastic surgery can be challenging. However, people want to look as young as they feel and present themselves with confidence in public. Women and a surprising number of men look for alternative ways to turn back the clock without going under the knife. Non-invasive body slimming cosmetic procedures allow for areas such as arms, abs, hips, and other body parts to be tweaked and revitalized using cutting-edge technology instead of scalpels.

Body contouring with external state of the art technology is performed safely and effectively with ZERO Recovery time. Cold lasers such as Verju target stubborn fat areas and painlessly emulsify the fat under the skin. The body safely eliminates the fat through the lymphatic system. This quick and easy treatment reduces inches without pain or downtime.
Body FX is the latest non-invasive radio-frequency technology for improving the unsightly appearance of cellulite, reduce dimpled skin, improve loss of elasticity on areas such as abdomen, love handles, back, arms, and thighs. Additionally it is a wonderful alternative to liposuction as it contours and reshapes problem areas. For the ultimate more dramatic results the combination of Verju laser and Body FX can be safely and comfortably performed.

Your Personal Fountain of Youth

Mother nature brings us the aging process but she also has given us the gift of regeneration in our own Platelet Rich Plasma. To turn back the clock, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtained from your own blood. PRP contains a high concentration of growth factors and active proteins for tissue renewal by stimulating stem cell response which help in growing new collagen, repairing damaged skin, and to help slow and reverse the signs of aging.

Within a few weeks of treatment, an overall improvement in skin hydration, texture and tone can be seen, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and volume correction can also happens over the next three to six months. The effects of PRP can last 12 months to two years, depending on the individual. Popular treatment areas include saggy and wrinkled lower eyelids; wrinkled, puckered and aging skin surrounding the mouth, and the drooping neck. PRP can be directly injected into the areas of deficit or it can be combined with micro-needling to increase the benefits of micro-needling.

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