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Shop The Chic Streetwear Trend Straight From The Sidewalks



California Crown

Most Wanted: Shop The Chic Streetwear Trend Straight From The Sidewalks
The eclectic street style label, California Crown has quickly risen to become an iconic staple in a time when fashion’s embrace of streetwear seems to be at an all-time high. California Crown has cultivated an intentionally low-key, and ultra-hip existence drawing inspiration from the true creative energies of California in all of its authenticity- embracing the revolutionaries, the culture and history. California Crown’s elevated streetwear ensembles prove that there is an edgy, asphalt-ready look for everyone, and here’s why:


“Our motto is ‘Born in California, built for the world”, Designer Jay Gardner Perlman tells us. We strive to incorporate the natural, historical, and cultural surroundings of California into our garments, all while building a global community around the brand.

I believe that what distinguishes us is our ability to make high quality garments that are truly gender ubiquitous. While the Fashion world is changing in a way that could be described as slightly more androgynous, it is still difficult to find brands that create collections where either a man or a woman could wear the same pieces, but still look stylish and comfortable. That is the void we try and fill with California Crown.


The ultimate California Crown girl.

The women we work with all share several qualities: creative, sharp, and confident. We are always looking to build a community that is diverse and eclectic, but our female ambassadors share the same element of being trendsetters. California Crown would not be where it is today without the women who have supported us.


Inspiration by?

With all the talk about El Niño in the last year, we knew that this Winter was going to be very wet. With that, our goal was to create a collection that could not only handle the colder temperatures of these months, but could also take on the impending downpours that we knew would be drenching our State. Each part of the collection is intended to help answer the question of what to wear on a rainy day.


What’s your go-to piece at the moment?

I am constantly wearing the water-resistant snapbacks right now. I’ve always loved headwear, but never really had an answer for what to wear during heavy rain, so this piece is something that I am particularly fond of.


Must-haves for Spring.

We haven’t unveiled our Spring collection just yet, but what we can tell you is that we have elevated our fashion tees a whole new level. Again, I can’t say enough about quality of work that our team put into producing these, so I would definitely encourage individuals to save some space in their wardrobes for some Spring-ready tops.


On Evolving the line.

We are always looking to raise the bar with our garments. Whether it is improving the fit, practicality, or another element that gives a garment a fresh perspective, we are constantly striving to exceed expectations. It is almost becomes a competition with ourselves to see how we can create collections that are markedly better. That is the real driving force behind the evolution of California Crown.

What do you love most about fashion?

Personally, I love that an individual’s fashion tells a story about that person. What someone wears often reflects that individual’s personality, and with community being one of the pillars of our brand, learning about the people around us through their fashion is honestly enlightening.

Style icon.

It’s hard to say one person who is the ultimate style icon, but one designer I have always respected for his aesthetic and work is Chris Stamp. He was one of the pioneers in monochromatic contemporary street wear, and all of his work is technically sound and very thought out. Just by following any of his or his brand’s social media, it is clear that everything is very calculated as well very clean.

What can we look forward to next with the label?

While we have a lot of things in the works right now in terms of upcoming collections and capsules, what we really think people should stay posted for is the events we will be throwing. We kind of took a hiatus from our pop-ups and social outings last year, but we are coming back in full force with events in 2016, all of which we will be unveiling on our social media outlets in a the next couple of months so stay tuned!


Connect with California Crown:

Instagram @Californiacrown
Twitter @Californiacrown
Facebook : California Crown
Snapchat : Coming soon
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