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20 Questions with Sarah Hyland



Modeliste: Where did you grow up?
Sarah: New York City Bitch! Specifically the East Village a block away from St. Marks. It’s really nice now, but growing up it wasn’t, nor was it safe, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Modeliste: How did you get into acting?
Sarah: My father’s a theatre actor so I grew up watching him perform Shakespeare all over the country. When I was 4, I realized that it was something I could do, and could do at a young age, so I begged my parents to let me audition and they said no. A few months later, my dad had an audition and I commandeered it. That was my first professional job…. playing Howard Stern’s daughter in “Private Parts”.

Modeliste: You recently celebrated Modern Family’s 200th show. Congratulations! What are some of your fondest memories with the cast, on or off the show?
Sarah: Thank you! I love it when we film episodes on location. The cast, the writers, and our crew are really able to spend all of our time together off-set. When we’re in LA and we’re done shooting for the day, everyone goes home because we all have our own lives (ie. family and friends). So I really love it when we all go out to dinner or to a bar on locations and bond more… even more… as much as you can bond after 9 years together!

Modeliste: What is the biggest challenge playing Haley Dunphy on the show?
Sarah: Wearing crazy high heels all the time. There are days… a lot of days where I don’t feel well. I’m in a lot of pain, and walking fast down the stairs (while trying to be as quiet as possible for sound) is the biggest challenge I face.

Modeliste: If you could have anyone of your choice make a guest star appearance on the show, who would it be?
Sarah: Oh my God. that’s such a hard question. I admire so many actors and have been so blessed to have already had such amazing guest stars to work with. Mira Sorvino and Adam Devine are legends. but for the future? I mean… Paul Rudd. Hands down.

Modeliste: You’re also a huge supporter of the Time’s Up and Me Too movements. What do you hope for society given these massive movements? And what advice would you give to women who are still afraid to speak out about the events they have been through?
Sarah: I hope society doesn’t turn away or ignore these movements. It’s hard to fully understand what it’s like to be a victim of such horrific events and society tends to play the “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” card… until you know and you are hurt. I, however, fully believe that we, as women, will not let that happen. We will continue to fight for equality. We will continue to fight for justice. We will continue to fight for those who can not (whether its difficult to find a voice, or for financial reasons). It’s amazing that so many men (because not all men are evil) have stood with us in battle. Movements like this inspire and empower me to continue to have a voice.

As for advice all I can say… is that I hope you know you are not alone. what has happened to you is nothing to be ashamed about. The only person who should feel shame, and so much more, is the one who caused you pain. So if that is a reason why you’re afraid to speak out? Don’t. Their time is up and it is your time now. Your time to find a voice. Your time to seek justice for the horrible thing(s) that has/have happened to you. We will be here and you are loved and supported by us all.

Modeliste: You are definitely seen as a role model and inspiration to so many, what would you most like to say to your fans?
Sarah: Thank you so much for always being there for me! Whether it’s fighting internet trolls alongside me or just an inspirational message. I love hearing your stories that relate to what I’m going through. I may seem tough (AND I AM) but everyone has their days, and there are so many that your words make mine.

Modeliste: What would be the title of your autobiography?
Sarah: ANOTHER very hard question. I have a feeling it would involve something having to do with food, puppies, wine, thriving and survival. Isn’t that what everyone needs?

Modeliste: You have served as a creative director for Candies for several years and your clothes are sold at Kohl’s! What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection? Any must-have favorites?
Sarah: I love getting to work with Candies as their creative director. One of my favorite pieces is the printed maxi dress. It is SO comfortable and looks amazing on every body type. It’s perfect for a day out or a night out!

Modeliste: Describe your everyday style in three words.
Sarah: Depends. on. weather.

Modeliste: What is your current handbag?
Sarah: I mix my handbags up. but I love a good small to medium sized black leather backpack. It fits so much and still is stylish enough to get away with wearing a backpack.

Modeliste: Signature scent?
Sarah: Miss Dior

Modeliste: What is something you hope to accomplish in 2018?

Modeliste: What were some of your favorite looks from today’s shoot?
Sarah: My favorite was our last look of the day- the pants with the headband. Serving major Katherine Hepburn vibes on the beach.

Modeliste: Any exciting upcoming projects for you?
Sarah: I’m filming a movie this summer so stay tuned. I have a personal project that I’m working on that does not involve acting, which I’m VERY excited for…. so stay tuned. I have a couple other things I’m working on as well… so stay tuned, and of course more Modern Family.

Modeliste: What do you love most about Modeliste?
Sarah: The locations and the fashion. It’s mesmerizing.

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal

Interview by Jill Winkler

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