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20 questions with Elle Ferguson



Elle Ferguson
Photography by EMILY ABAY
Hair & Makeup by MAX MAY

Hello gorgeous, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Where do I begin…? In short I am the Founder and Creative Director of ELLE EFFECT – an Australia cult beauty brand that specializes in sunless tanning essentials. I am also a digital influencer and entrepreneur.

How would you define yourself in three words?
Kind, loyal and fearless

In what ways have you been incorporating self – care into your daily routine?
When I created ELLE EFFECT, it started with self-care. For me self-care is so important to make you feel good and shine from the inside out. I always ensure I have a golden glow (I apply the ELLE EFFECT self tan every three days to my face and once a week to my whole body). I start my day with a one hour session of pilates, which really allows me to connect with my body; and from there, self-care includes good hair; a healthy gut and a positive mind set.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?
It’s the fact that I have created something that makes people happy and that I’m proud of a product I have made and a brand that is part of me. I also love profiling & celebrating amazingly talented strong women as “Boss Babes” on my website,

Can you tell us about an exciting time in your career?

To be honest with you, there have been so many milestones in my career that have been real pinch me moments, however if I had to choose one, an exciting time in my career would be my first ever Cosmopolitan Australian Cover. I had modeled throughout my late teens and early 20’s and had never landed that cover and it was something I had always strived to achieve. It wasn’t until I launched my own company and became a real ‘girl boss’ that I got that cover. I earned that cover for many hard years of work and becoming someone people could look up to. I was so incredibly proud- that the cover wasn’t just about beauty, but also brains!

What would you title this current chapter in your life?
It’s funny you say that as I always describe life as a book and we can always start a new chapter when we need to. This chapter would be called ‘learnings’.

How do you educate yourself on ways of maintaining healthy skin? 
I am addicted to reading articles online about how to achieve healthy skin and then I’m also very lucky to be surrounded by some extremely talented people that know the secrets to great skin. Also it’s always about trial and error and I work with some of the best makeup artists and brands that I am constantly exposed to new products in the ever evolving world of beauty.

What do you love most about Pixi Beauty?
I love that their products are fuss-free and so easy to use.

What are your top 3 favorite Pixi Beauty products?
The NaturelleLip Lipsticks are amazing and keep your lips super hydrated.
I’m a HUGE fan of blush so the on-the-glow multi use Moisture stick is my fav for blush
I always wear a nude liner on my water line in my eyes, so the Silky Eye Pen in MatteNude is a MUST!

What does the word empowerment mean to you?

It means being fearless and not being afraid. Believing in yourself.

In what ways do you use your platform for the greater good?
I feel very strongly about supporting small businesses and I have always used my platform to promote and support them. I have had countless businesses contact me about how my support has created success for them or changed their business. I also believe in using my platform to support charities and organizations I believe in to promote.

During these tough times, what has kept you motivated?
The people I love and my community keep me motivated. And then working out. For the past three and a half months I have been working out twice a day six days a week. I set myself goals and I am staying motivated by achieving them and constantly setting new goals. I feel motivated when I am working towards achieving a goal. By doing this I am inspiring others to do the same.

How do you remain fit, active, and healthy with stay-at-home orders intact?
In week two of isolation, I purchased a treadmill and installed it on my balcony. I also invested in daily pilates classes at the same time every day with a pilates instructor via Zoom. This gave me a routine to follow and kept me accountable to show up. Once I had the routine, I started to set those goals and worked out a plan to achieve them. I also signed up to a clean eating program that delivers fresh food weekly so I just follow the recipe cards. I have really used this time to stop and take a moment to reset.

As a creative in quarantine, how have you found inspiration and ways to create?
I have loved the challenges and really strived on being inspired by my surroundings and limitations. I have become so much more inventive and creative! I also allowed myself the time to be more creative and be still; before isolation was there was never enough time in the day… Now I’ve had the time to take a breath and discover new creativity.

What and/or who has had the most influence on your growth and why?
My mum always… She is my biggest inspiration and someone I continually want to make proud.

How can you as an individual actively take part in fighting a system of oppression and standing in solidarity with your peers of color to amplify their voices?
I am educating myself. I am using my time to educate and make changes.

How have you found ways to educate yourself and those around you?

Knowledge is power and also by asking questions. All questions, even the uncomfortable ones, are so important, particularly now.

What do you think are ways that others can help society and our surrounding communities?
We need to listen and learn. And continue to educate.

In what ways has your life changed due to current events?
Like everyone in the world, my life has changed. I feel like life has some-what slowed down. I’m also doing everything from home and not traveling overseas at all.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to create a career like your own?
I often say this when I’m asked this question, just do it!!! Go for it! The time is now, don’t wait!!! If there’s anything that we can learn from this situation the world is in right now, it’s that life is short and things can change in an instant – don’t wait, just go for it.


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